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Capsule wardrobes have gotten a lot of traction in the last couple of decades for being an easy and sustainable way to get dressed. They are all about what compliments you and makes you feel great! The other focus of this type of closet is quality over quantity so you'll have outfits that make you feel confident for years to come.

Choosing quality is an investment that pays off. Quality pieces often hold up better through many wears and washes. These garments also tend to bounce back from holes, tears, and necessary alterations with the help of online tailoring services.

But capsule wardrobes are not all equal. These closets are curated based on your style and preference, so if neutrals and classics aren’t what you feel the best in, have no fear! There are plenty of different styles to choose from. 

Style preferences can change over time, however it is helpful to know what colors, shapes, and patterns look good on your body and with your features. Considering these factors is a sustainable way to build your wardrobe more so than simply picking what you objectively like on the hanger. Think about every shirt, color, or shape you found attractive- chances are you wouldn’t wear every single one. 

This type of “dressing discretion” calls for some self-evaluation. The key to this is balancing what you like and what looks good on you. There are many style theories to help you on this journey. One such concept speaks of masculine and feminine attributes of both clothing and physical traits- this is called the Yin and Yang styling method and has nothing to do with gender. We all have varying masculine and feminine features, this is no different for clothing!

For more information about this style theory, make sure you see part two of this series, the masculine counterpart, next week! Until then, here are 6 ways to incorporate femininity into your Autumn wardrobe.

First Feminine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Flared, Bootcut, or High-Waisted Jeans

A major structural feature of feminine clothes is the curvature. Lines are wavy, abstract, and flowy. Jeans that are flared or bootcut can create a subtle or a dramatic curve at the bottom of the pants. This can balance out a straighter, more masculine frames or enhance a curvier, more feminine frame. High-waisted jeans can have a similar effect especially when the top of the pants sits at the smallest part of the waist. 

Second Feminine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Lightweight Sweater

In general, sweaters often give off a subtle feminine energy because they are generally made from soft, cozy materials. A lightweight sweater has the same tone, especially when worn in a warmer color like beige, blush, or nude. Unlike a heavier or cable knit sweater, lightweight sweaters have more movement in their structure. This results in an inviting, flowy feel to an outfit.

Third Feminine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Puffer Jacket

Though puffer jackets can be a little heavier and more restrictive than a lightweight sweater, they still add a similar sense of softness. The stuffing in the separately stitched sections gives a rounded look, fuller than most jackets. This can work for someone trying to fill out the top halves of their bodies.

Fourth Feminine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Heeled Shoe

A heeled shoe, no matter how tall the heel, works in a similar fashion as the aforementioned jeans. Depending on the inches, the effect can be very subtle or a little more pronounced. Heels strengthen and elongate the legs as well as lift your bottom. With these factors working together, this particular accessory can help a strong, straighter frame achieve a curvier bottom half, or accentuate vivacious curves. Muted colors are best to play up the feminine characteristic.

Fifth Feminine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Relaxed Blouse

A loose-fitting top, especially in a crisp white or a golden beige, can add a feminine touch to even the most masculine elements. Small but dense patterns (think gingham, floral print, or thin stripes) also add a soft touch. 

A tie neck blouse and blouses that are gathered at the wrist to create room in the sleeve are great matches to balance masculine garments like leather jackets and straight blazers. A beachy cotton, linen, or sheer button up can work wonders to pull together straight leg jeans or enhance a flowy skirt or pair of pants. 

Sixth Feminine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Round Neck Tee

The rounded neck- whether that be a scoop, crew, or a boat neck top- subtly adds a feminine touch to any outfit. This can easily be balanced by going for a straighter or slimmer silhouette, or can play up the movement of the shirt with a looser, flowier fit. Either way, a quality tee is absolutely a piece everyone needs in their wardrobe. 

The Good Tee and The Classic T-Shirt Company are two such brands that specialize in quality, sustainable tee shirts. The bonus to investing in shirts like these is that they will last far longer than fast fashion counterparts. Of course if these shirts ever need any TLC, places like Tad More Tailoring and our online alterations for t-shirts are a great place to turn for help. Also, check out these hacks for keeping your quality tee looking fresher for longer!

Remember to check back for next week’s blog where we’ll explain a little more about the Feminine/Masculine (“Yin/Yang”) fashion theory and continue with masculine Autumn staples!

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