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Autumn can be a tricky season to dress appropriately for. Even though we dream of colder, “sweater weather,” the reality in many parts of the United States is that temperatures in September, October, and even November are often unpredictable. In this regard, sometimes our summer wardrobes can be naturally extended into the later months. But when the air gets chilly and fall rain comes, it’s always necessary to have ample ways to stay warm.

This means that above all else, fall wardrobes should be versatile for any weather. One such way to tailor our wardrobes to this adaptability, is to make sure we have ample base layers. They often include tee shirts and plain tank tops that we can use to layer on top of or under other pieces. These layers often work well alone in the heat of the summer or can be layered as the weather gets cooler. For keeping these pieces looking like new, online tailoring services for t-shirts and other base layers are great resources to mend holes and seams.

Dressing in layers is always good for dressing weather-friendly. Layers are more useful and easier to achieve when we have access to our entire wardrobes. Simply, by making use of our summer shorts and tees into the autumn months, we find dressing much easier for any weather.  This can also be a fun way to get creative with the clothes you already own in your wardrobe. Check out how these 7 fall wardrobe staples can create dozens of new outfits from the closet you already own!

First Fall Wardrobe Staple: Tights

Tights are a practical, fun, and lightweight way to gain coverage on nippy fall mornings. Hosiery comes in a wide range of materials and colors. Sheer and opaque tights are often made of nylon or cotton. For a little more warmth, there are also cable knit tights that would be cozy on a dreary November day. Check out “the World’s most resilient tight” at Sheertex and invest in a closet staple.

Hosiery and tights can be of course be worn under skirts and dresses, but don’t forget that wearing them under shorts is a viable option too! To avoid looking too sectioned, elongate the legs by going monochromatic from shorts to shoe- for example, black shorts, black tights, black heels (perfect for a fun night out). A fun way to sneak some color into your outfit could be to layer overly distressed jeans over a bold opaque pair. This provides more coverage while adding dynamics to your outfit! 


Second Fall Wardrobe Staple: Turtleneck

A lightweight turtleneck (or even a long sleeved shirt) can do wonders to extended tank tops, dresses, and tee shirts. A turtleneck worn underneath a noodle strap dress gives coverage in the chill and can lend an updated “jumper” vibe. For a sexier look, try a satin and/or lace slip tank atop a thinner neutral turtleneck.

Third Fall Wardrobe Staple: Cardigans

These open front sweaters are an easy way to cover the arms from a cold breeze and can dress up plain outfits. Whether they have buttons to secure the front or use a belt from your personal collection to “fasten” the front, a cardigan can add a lot of warmth to an outfit but also have the option of being taken off easily. Another option for cardigans that don’t have fasteners sewn on the front (buttons, snaps, toggles, etc.), is to try adding an heirloom, vintage, or thrifted brooch. Places like Tad More Tailoring can also add buttons to cardigans in-store or via online alteration services. 

Fourth Fall Wardrobe Staple: Flannel Button Up

For something a little more easygoing, flannel button ups will do the trick. Wear these casual pieces open over a graphic tee, buttoned up with jeans, or tied at the waist. It’s the perfect ensemble for camping, football games, and other fall outdoor activities. Plaid is a classic pattern for this garment, neutrality is added if the plaid is in black and white. Red plaid is a bold color that can crisp up an Autumn day!

Fifth Fall Wardrobe Staple: Jacket

Just like the weather, fall outerwear can vary dramatically, in style and in weight. Denim, military-style, and coach jackets are all classic go-tos when it comes to medium-weight versatility. Windbreakers are great for hiking and trips to the park whereas a bomber jacket might suit dinner and a movie or a night at the county fair.

Leather jackets are yet another option for a very styled yet edgy look. Though these jackets are made of a more intense, thicker materials, online tailors can still alter these pieces for you if sleeves are too long or it needs to be taken in. You might not get an excessive amount of warmth from every jacket, but Autumn weather doesn’t always provide cold weather!

Sixth Fall Wardrobe Staple: Sneakers

To keep our toes warm in a nippy fall breeze, we often trade our sandals out for the close-toed shoes of our wardrobes. Boots are great for dinner dates or quick trips to the apple orchard, but they aren’t quite as versatile as a pair of sneakers. A good pair of sneakers is adaptable to both streets of the city and the dirt path of a hiking trail. They are ready to walk through the pumpkin patch but clean up nicely to be worn with a skirt or a dress.

Seventh Fall Wardrobe Staple: Socks

If you love your sandals all the same and want to keep them circulating through the fall months, look no further than the taboo socks and sandals combo. This style has come a long way, but admittedly, certain sandals work a little better than others. For example, we would recommend steering clear of socks and flip flops… Otherwise, sandals that have a strap that goes straight across the toes pair best with thin or thick socks alike. The fun details of socks are what can really add some fall zest to your outfit- try colorful, patterned, or frilly-edged. Socks come in varying thickness so just choose which is best for your sandals and the weather of your region.
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