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Tee shirts are like the chameleon of all garments- they can truly blend into any situation. With a pair of jeans and some stylish shoes, you have a comfy classic. Paired with a skirt and a blazer, she can be office ready while he can match a tee with athletic shorts and sneakers for the gym. There’s nothing a sustainable wardrobe craves more than this type of sheer utility. 

Different colors, necklines, fits, and sizes are also fun ways to vary our looks. Owning a handful (or two ;D) of these staples will keep your wardrobe dynamic and diverse without compromising classic chicness. But not all tees are made the same, so opt for quality materials and trusted brands. A quality build will ensure your t-shirts naturally last longer before needing mending or reworking, allowing for fabulous wear after wear after wear...

So when it comes to the longevity of this particular item of clothing, we sometimes find that it’s difficult to avoid staining, stretching or tearing altogether. Simply put, because we wear tees often, sometimes life still strikes and our clothing is the victim. T-shirts are often taken for granted, even our favorite tees being discarded because of physical side effects of being well-loved. Classic t-shirts have covered our backs for years, let’s return the favor.

Here are 4 helpful tips for taking care of your favorite tee shirt!

Handy Tip #1: Quality storage solutions

Most of your clothes spend a lot of time waiting to be worn. That said, their storage spaces are one of the most important things to consider while evaluating the care of your t-shirts. Neatly folding them or hanging them up are both viable options, and just depends on what your space looks like. Regardless, an organized, spacious storage solution can guard against wrinkled or dirty looking shirts when picking one to wear.

Make sure folded tees have enough space in drawers so they do not develop an intense crease. Choose quality hangers without any strap notches, as to not misshape the shoulders of your tee. If you choose to hang your tee shirts, try putting the hanger through the bottom of the shirt and up through the neck opening. This will keep the neck hem from stretching.

Handy Tip #2: Find a tailor

There is nothing more satisfying than repairing a favorite garment. If you yourself aren’t handy with a needle and thread then seek help from a professional. Tailors can often be found in your local community, however top online tailors are also very convenient to take advantage of. Not only is keeping your garments in your outfit circulation sustainable, it’s also essential to keep your favorite tee looking brand new. 

Handy Tip #3: Wash it less

Skip the washer and dryer every chance you get. Excessive or harsh washing often results in faded color, pilling fabrics, and ripped seams. This may not always be possible, but washing less will work to maintain your t-shirt’s vibrancy, elasticity, and material quality.

When the time comes that a cleaning is needed, conserving your t-shirts is as easy as following basic laundry rules. Try washing your tees on delicate mode then drying them with low heat to preserve shape and color. A manual turn washer paired with air drying clothing may take some more time but will work double time to conserve garments. Remember to always use quality detergent and wash like colors together to keep tees vibrant!

Handy Tip #4: Learn some hacks

Wherever your lifestyle takes you, whatever t-shirt blunders seem to seek you out, learn how to fix them! Is it a rogue drop of ketchup that always seems to find you when you’re wearing white? Or perhaps some extra stretching from hangry children? Finding some hacks to keep in your back pocket can allow you to fix tee shirt blunders quickly, which makes your shirt more likely to bounce back. Check out this article talking all about clothing stain removal, as well as this one that talks about fixing a stretched shirt! 

It’s not always simple to find affordable, quality, and comfortable t-shirts, so when we do it’s important to take care of them. With some effort and commitment to our clothes, we can keep our timeless favorite tees in our wardrobe circulation for many years to come!

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