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3 Major Advantages Of Using Online Tailoring Services

3 Major Advantages Of Using Online Tailoring Services Online alterations, mail-in alterations, online tailoring, and tailoring-by-mail, are all phrases for one thing: a tailoring experience that ha...

How to Alter Your Jeans Online

Getting your jeans altered can be a pain and the process is always full of surprises, here are some helpful suggestions for getting your jeans tailored online! 

How to Tailor your Thrifted Finds

Tailoring your thrifted items is a sustainable and affordable way to get a polished and personalized look. While you thrift, look for these aspects to ensure the quality and durability of any garment!

Online Shorts Alterations

With Spring in full swing and summer around the corner, it’s about time to break out the shorts and prep them for another year! Luckily with online shorts alterations, you can revamp your shorts wi...