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You can get more use out of your tops with these simple alterations! These women's shirt alterations will save you time and money by sparing you a shopping trip! You don't have to compromise your budget or personal style with these alterations for a fabulous look! 

Take it in & Taper

If your shirt is a little too loose, you can take in the sides to give it a more fitted look. For a shirt with shoulders that are too big or wide, you can take in the shoulders for the blouse to fit your frame better! 
If you want your sleeves to have a fitted look, you can taper the sleeves to gradually narrow toward your wrist. 


If you have long sleeves on your shirt, you can have them shortened for a better fit. Another way to shorten the sleeves on your shirt is by adding a cuff. If you feel like the sleeves are too long, you can simply remove the cuff and have the sleeves shortened. You could also add a button to the cuff to shorten the sleeve. Another option to shorten the sleeve is to add a cuff and move the placket, this is an effective way to freshen up an old shirt to make it look new! For shirts that are too long, shortening the length will give a more polished look. 


It is easy to avoid wearing a shirt or blouse because of details like missing buttons or small tears and holes. Get more use out of your blouses by replacing any missing buttons! For rips in a shirt, you could have it mended!


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