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Having well-fitted pants can elevate your look. However, finding pants that fit your body perfectly can be a challenge. This is why finding a great tailor is important. You can achieve a custom fit by adjusting the waist, hem length, or taper the pants. Here are some tips for finding a tailor and selecting your alterations!

Find a Reputable Tailor

If you don't have the time or expertise to tailor your pants yourself, we suggest finding a tailor. Even further, finding an online tailor can give you the convenience and luxury of having your pants tailored from the comfort of your own home. Perform a simple online search and read customer reviews to select the best tailor. 

Decide which Alterations are needed 

You want your pants to fit perfectly for a personalized look. Your pants should be comfortable, stylish, and flattering. Keep in mind that different pant types can sit differently at your hips. For example, shorts and jeans should sit at the hip but dress pants should fit right above your hips.  If you notice your pants are too baggy in the calf and ankle, a taper could achieve the proper fit. It doesn’t hurt to ask your tailor for assistance or input on additional alterations! Be sure to wear the shoes you’ll wear with your pants, especially if they are for an event, so that the tailor can guarantee the right hem length and pant break. 

Prepare the Pants for Tailoring

Be sure to wash your pants before you bring them in to be tailored. This will prevent shrinking after alterations and ensure cleanliness for the sewing team. Check your pockets before handing them in as well.

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