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It's that time of year when the dreamy haze of summer comes to a sudden halt as back to school reminders and advertisements flood in. The costs of new school supplies, backpacks, clothing, outerwear, registration fees, meal plans, and tuition really add up! Here are some money-saving alterations that will get you and the kids ready for school this fall! 

Tailored Textiles

If your children are still growing, buying new clothes for school can be quite costly. One way to prepare for future school seasons is by purchasing clothes a size up and tailoring them to fit your children now. When they get bigger, let out some of the stitches to fit them better! This can be done with shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses! If your child outgrew some jeans, you can make them into shorts. For long sleeved shirts that are too short, you can shorten the arms for a tee shirt! For uniforms, consider getting them tailored for your children, especially if they receive hand-me-down uniforms! Finding second-hand and hand-me-down uniform pieces can save a lot of money. Getting them tailored will look more clean and polished than if you had bought them brand new.

Making Mends

Whether you are getting ready for school as a parent or student, there are a lot of ways to save money by prolonging the life of garments. Rips in jeans and tears in sweaters can be easily mended! Use some embroidery thread to stitch it up in the shape of a heart or flower!  If you find a stain on a jacket or jeans, you can put a patch over it!  Don’t throw out a uniform dress shirt because there is a missing button, sew on a matching replacement. 

Zippers and Straps

Backpacks are one of the most expensive items for school. Yet, we often throw them away after one season of use due to malfunctional zippers, broken straps, and wear and tear. Save some money by getting the zipper replaced. The straps on a backpack can also be adjusted with alterations as well. If you find a hole or rip in the backpack, a seamstress could fix that up too. 

If your child has a winter jacket or coat that won’t zip up, bring it in to a tailor to have it fixed or replaced. 

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