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3 Major Advantages Of Using Online Tailoring Services

Online alterations, mail-in alterations, online tailoring, and tailoring-by-mail, are all phrases for one thing: a tailoring experience that happens completely in the comfort of your home. No, this doesn’t mean a house visit from an expert tailor- it's actually even more simple than that! 

Online tailoring is the newest “technology” in the fashion industry, and if you can believe it, its massive success is due to one of the oldest institutions in the United States: snail mail. And, it not only provides great results, but it is also better for the environment by reducing pollution emissions from driving to and from a tailoring shop. It’s true that the postal service route still emits pollutants, however, because of scheduled postal routes, it is much more eco-friendly than many individuals driving to and from a tailoring shop. You can reduce carbon emissions, save your time, save on gas AND get you clothes altered. 

The process starts how many other online shopping experiences start; just go to a top online tailoring website, like Tad More Tailoring’s webpage, and add the alterations you need to your cart; after that it’s just pin, ship, and fit (as in your [out]fit will fit perfectly when it arrives back to you!). It is as easy as: click, pack , ship! With all the advantages of alterations by-mail, your wardrobe will be looking brand new and will fit you better than ever! Check out these 3 major benefits to utilizing an online tailor.

Online Tailoring is Easy

Pinning clothing for repairs is an easy peasy; simply take a pin and weave it through the material near the tear or hole. This is an almost foolproof tailoring experience. Just make sure the pin is woven enough times to make it secure. It might sound a little more intimidating if you’re pinning your clothing for alterations, even simple ones such as raising a hem or taking in a waistline. 

Relying on yourself or others to pin your garments accurately when you don’t have any formal tailoring training sounds a bit scary. Take comfort in Tad More Tailoring’s video resources that make this task easy peasy. If you still have questions or concerns, request a virtual fitting with a skilled seamstress at TMT and they will walk you through pinning your clothing. 

Still not sold on pinning your own clothing? Write us a note! Especially with things such as raising hems, include measurements for your alterations such as inseam measurement. It is so easy, with so many ways to tell the seamstress how to alter your clothes. You pick which way works best for you.

Online Tailoring is Convenient

When you have finished ordering your alterations and pinning your garments, whether that’s marking where clothing needs to be mended or marking a complete alteration, you are ready for the next step. Shipping! Simply print the prepaid shipping label and affix it to the box containing your garments. To finish your end of the process, drop your package off at your local post office. 

Tailoring tip: to save the maximum amount of drive time (remember you’ve already eliminated driving to and from a tailoring shop multiple times!), you can schedule a parcel pickup by a postman so you never even have to leave your home. The great thing about this is that a parcel pickup will also be on an already scheduled route, so there are often no extra emissions from this part of the process either. Many people are often compelled toward the most “convenient” option, even if it is the most unhealthy option available. With online tailoring, there is no need to compromise your health or the planet’s because these services save yourself time and stress while striving towards carbon neutrality. 

In no time, you’ll receive your garments back through the mail. Tad More has a guaranteed 5 day turnaround policy. This means that you’ll most likely get your clothing back faster than people getting in-store alterations. Now that’s an advantage to online tailoring!

Online Tailoring Means Quality

All of this sounds great, in theory. Could there actually be a service this good? One that provides ease, convenience, and quality alterations? It seems too good to be true, but online tailoring services often provide the same quality alterations that you would get going to a tailoring shop. Tad More Tailoring, for instance, has a large collection of pictures on social media that showcase the high standards that our seamstresses and tailors have with regard to alterations. If there are questions about your alterations, skilled seamstress assistants will reach out and work with you to get the desired look you want. You can trust us with your clothing at TMT, from start to finish. Your alterations will be so high quality, you may mistake them for brand new- see why we have 5 stars on Google reviews today!

In the fast paced, busy world that we live in, we automatically stray towards convenience. Though this commonly leads us towards less than healthy alternatives, the exception is with online tailoring. Mail-in alterations are an eco-friendly option in an eco-unfriendly fashion industry. Getting your clothing altered online is a convenience that you can feel proud of.

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