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It’s common that people categorize clothing strictly by gender, women’s clothes and men’s clothes. However, in today’s society clothing can be more fluid and often has masculine and feminine qualities. This allows for a less restrictive way of dressing and tailored self-expression similar to that which an online tailoring service could give you. Another reason for this type of dressing is to balance or enhance your natural characteristics. To read more about this theory, check out this article on the Yin and Yang style theory.

Recognizing the different qualities of clothing is simple with the help of some guidelines. Feminine clothing tends to be more lightweight and softer than masculine clothing. Feminine colors are muted- any color that is subtle, dulled, or subdued. The qualities of patterns include natural, curved, or dense and range from floral print to dense gingham. 

When matching colors, feminine dressing uses low contrast color combinations and matte finishes. All of these qualities create a flowing, easygoing look. For more ideas and inspiration for Autumn staples that will add some femininity to your wardrobe check out this article on the Tad More Tailoring blog.

For a more masculine tone of dressing, the opposite is true. Clothing is structured, fabrics are crisp, and colors are saturated. Color palettes are built on high contrast. Patterns generally consist of geometric prints, large scale prints, and thick or solid lines/stripes whereas fabric finishes are shiny like leather. Here are some wardrobe staples for Autumn that can add some masculine energy to your closet!

First Masculine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Tailored Blazer

Blazers with straight lines and a tailored look are the perfect staple for fall! Whether paired with dress pants, a colorful skirt, or your favorite pair of jeans, a blazer in rich black or charcoal will add to the masculine element of an outfit.

Second Masculine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Straight Legged Jeans

Again, a key to incorporating masculine elements into a wardrobe is straight lines. Straight legged jeans do just this by creating a long, lean line. A reliable pair of jeans can be mended or altered by an online tailor for jeans. They are also versatile- pair it with a crisp white button-down or a thick striped tee and leather jacket for different but equally cool looks.


Third Masculine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Sneakers

A pair of classic sneakers does wonders to balance the femininity of a light linen pant or a flouncy skirt. Think Converse All Stars, Nike Air Force 1’s, and Classic Vans and Keds. Of course these are just examples, any flat soled sneaker adds the same effect. For max masculine vibes, try complementing your sneakers with straight, no-break pants and a crisp v-neck.

Fourth Masculine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: V-neck Tee

Speaking of v-necks, these tees have a pointed, structured shape that adds that subtle masculine feel. A more fitted structure can easily emphasize this whereas a lighter, looser shape can work to balance the elements. A t-shirt is like the chameleon of the closet, able to be matched with almost anything. Make sure to choose quality when searching for these pieces of your wardrobe, so that it can always be mended by a top online tailor.

Fifth Masculine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: a Piece of Leather or Faux-leather

Whether it’s a timeless jacket or a trendy skirt, leather is a material that has a definite and obvious masculine effect. No matter what garment you choose to sport this shiny and traditionally dark fabric through, it will add an edgy, strong, and brawny energy to your outfit. 

Sixth Masculine Autumn Wardrobe Staple: Structured Top

Last on our list is a tailored piece that comes in quite the variety between fabric choices and sleeve length. The most common tops are either an ironed out button down or a quality polo. A piece like this can add clean lines to a curvy pair of bootcut jeans or perfectly match a straight blazer for an enhanced tailored masculine look.

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