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If you were born between 2004 and 2006 (or you have a child who was), you are probably putting together a Prom To Do list already and prom dress alterations needs to be on that list. Let’s see, date? Maybe. Friends for an awesome Pre-Prom photoshoot? Absolutely. Dress or suit? Yes! How does it fit though? What should you be looking for and how can you make the most of your prom alterations? Have no fear! These tips will walk you through the process so the only thing people notice about you is how amazing you look.

TIP #1: Planning ahead is crucial with any kind of clothes alterations service, and prom is no exception.

Don’t wait until the week before your prom to get your alterations taken care of. Prom season also happens to be wedding season and your online tailor may not be able to squeeze you in at the last moment. Your best bet is to send your dress or suit to a clothes alterations service like Tad More Tailoring three weeks before the day you need it. That allows plenty of time for it to be returned so you aren’t sitting by your mailbox the day before anxiously awaiting its return.

Another thing that is important to consider is your school’s dress code to avoid stress and drama when you arrive. Dresses with high leg slits are very trendy this year but your school may require coverage to a certain length- fear not! Your online tailor can close the slit to the required length. A pin to mark the new height of the opening is all that’s needed. The same may hold true with a wrap-style neckline that plunges lower than you would like it to.  Just put a safety pin where you would like the neckline tacked shut before sending in your prom dress alterations.

TIP #2: You went to great lengths to find the perfect outfit, use an online tailor to make it a great length for you!

Whether your dress is long and flowy, straight, short, or anywhere in between, you want it to be a length that makes you comfortable. Lifting or tugging a dress all night because it isn’t a good length for your height is annoying at best and potentially dangerous while you dance the night away. If your dress is long, the height of your shoes is an important factor to keep in mind. Do you want your shoes to show? If they are super fun shoes, you may want the hem a little higher to show them off. Shorter dresses can be altered to the perfect length too. Prom dress alterations like this are an easy way to create the perfect fit and let you focus on the celebration at hand!

If you are wearing a suit, this is important for you as well. Look your best by making sure that the length of your pants is correct. If you are wearing a suit you already own, take those pants out and make sure they still fit. If you are like many young people, you’ve probably grown since you wore them previously. If the hem is just a little too short or the waist fits a tad too snug, an online tailor can probably make these alterations for you. Conversely, if you bought new pants and they are too long, they can be hemmed to a shorter length. The point is that you want to look like you are wearing clothes that are meant for YOU, not your younger sibling or your grandparent. This is your time to shine too!

TIP #3: If it bothers you now, it will bother you later- a virtual tailor can make the little details just right.

Are the straps just *a little* too long and do they keep slipping off your shoulders? Do you wish that your prom dress fit your silhouette better? Are your blazer sleeves a tad longer than you like? (By the way, if you are between sizes it is always better to purchase a size bigger and use alterations to achieve a smaller custom fit than to try to shove yourself into a smaller size that is uncomfortable.) Is there a gap at the bust that goes away when you take in the sides a tiny bit? Do your pants slide down your hips a bit too far? All of these and more are things that a skilled virtual tailor can remedy with ease. Once you’ve taken care of listing and/or marking what alterations are needed all that’s left to do is ship it! Check that off the list and go out to find the perfect spot to take your photos, because you are going to look amazing!

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