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Your first question after reading the title is probably “Online tailoring? Is that actually a ‘thing’?” Not only is it a ‘thing’ that exists in this hi-tech, ever-changing world, having your own virtual tailor is the key to elevating your wardrobe and looking like a million dollars- without spending a million dollars. 

The first way to elevate your style with online tailoring is to match your wardrobe to your height. 

Use your clothing to draw the attention where you want it. For example, the right fit can create the illusion of height. This doesn’t only pertain to having your pants hemmed either, ladies. What about those capris or the dress that hits you too low or at the widest part of your calf, making your legs appear stumpy. Bringing up the hemline to a height where your calf is narrowing to your knee helps legs to appear longer. Tapering pant legs below the knee is another way to make your pants work for you in all the best ways. Going another direction, if you are tall and your pants hit you at a length that is too short, tailoring the hem to be slightly shorter (or longer if there is enough fabric in the hem) can make the length look like an intentional fashion statement instead of a poor fit. Any way you look at it, these simple alterations help you focus on being the best version of yourself.

Another way to utilize an online clothes alteration service is to modify classic pieces to suit your body type. 

There are a few staples that should be in every wardrobe because they never go out of style and can be dressed up or down with ease. An example is a simple white base t-shirt that you use for layering or by itself. You can have the sides and/or the sleeves taken in. This is especially helpful if you tend to fall between sizes or your body proportions require you to size up to accommodate one part of you. By providing your virtual tailor with a couple of key measurements or having a friend help you pin your garment in the right places, they can complete the alterations so your shirt has an all-over perfect fit. No more compromising one area for another!

Your virtual tailor can elevate your look while you are out there living your best life. 

Utilizing a virtual tailor like Tad More Tailoring, there is no need to arrange your schedule around appointments and fittings. Their website provides video tutorials that make it easy and convenient for you to pin your clothing in a way that lets the tailor know exactly what to do. Another option would be to just find a similar item in your closet that fits you really well as a sample and pack it up in the box too! The website will walk you through the check-out and shipping process. Once your package is in the mail, you can go about your daily to-do list of being awesome. Your clothing will be returned to you promptly with customized alterations, leaving the rest of the world wondering how to look as good as you do. 

Finally, you can make alterations to your outfits by pairing fun, fresh accessories with classic pieces.

Let’s not forget what a great statement accessories like jewelry, shoes, neckties, etc. provide. A fun splash of color and personality can change the whole feel of an outfit. Take it from fashion industry icon Coco Chanel, “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” Feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes can provide the best accessory ever- your genuine smile. When your mood is elevated, so is everything else about you!

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