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Congratulations on your new engagement! The first couple days or weeks of basking in the extra love surrounding you (not to mention the sparkle of that new ring!) is to be enjoyed fully. Relax, pop some bubbly, and dream big.

When the time comes to start planning your big day, Tad More Tailoring is here to relieve some of the stress. Among the first steps taken towards your wedding day, finding your dream wedding dress can be one of the most magical days of your life. A local tailor for wedding dresses should continue this magic throughout your wedding gown fittings, making for a smooth and stress-free process.

There are often many details to a wedding gown that are difficult to pin yourself. For this reason, visiting a tailoring shop in person can be key for quality tailoring. Sending your garments in to a top online tailor will give you impeccable alterations however, to achieve your dream wedding gown it is best to let a professional, top-rated tailor have hands on it from beginning to end.   

First Beneficial Tip for Your Wedding Dress Appointment: Know Your Timeline

To avoid additional rush fees, try to give your tailor at least two months, though this may not be possible when couples decide to have a short engagement. Regardless, know there will be multiple fittings, to ensure your perfect fit; at least two, but potentially more if your gown requires additional alterations. 

Second Beneficial Tip for Your Wedding Dress Appointment: Bring Undergarments and Shoes!

It is imperative that you know what undergarments you’ll be wearing under your dress and to bring them with you to your fitting! This also goes for shoes. This is so the tailor has the most accurate pinning (and thus most accurate alterations) as possible!

Third Beneficial Tip for Your Wedding Dress Appointment: Consistent Eating Habits

The goal of your dress is to fit your natural body, so keep your regular eating habits and try to avoid eating too much or not at all before your appointment. Do inform the seamstress or tailor if you plan on extensive dieting or exercise- this might encourage the tailor to schedule an extra fitting for your dress if you think you are going to lose or gain weight in any areas.

Fourth Beneficial Tip for Your Wedding Dress Appointment: Bring Your Support Team

Whether it’s your bridesmaids, your mom/soon-to-be MIL, or even (non traditionally) your groom, bring the person that’s going to help you make those big decisions, support what you want, and be an extra set of eyes. This person should know you well enough to help point out what could be improved on the dress and to back you up on your final decisions.

Fifth Beneficial Tip for Your Wedding Dress Appointment: Keep Your Dream in Mind

We often get the idea for our dream dress when we are trying on dresses. Bring that same vision with you when you bring your dress to the tailor. Sometimes, the bodice is exactly what you want but you could do without the attached sleeves. Maybe you want to add a little flare to a plain dress that just had the perfect shape for you. Whatever details make up your dream dress, a top tailor near you can certainly help. It might be a good idea to bring in reference pictures if you have them!

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