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Bridal Alterations

Bridal Alterations by Appointment Only

You found the perfect wedding dress, now let's make it fit you perfectly.
At Tad More Tailoring no job is too big or too small. Hem wedding dresses, bustle bridal gowns, take them in, add a corset to the back of your wedding gown for a unique touch, you name it and the wedding tailors and bridal seamstresses near you at Tad More can do it. With precision and care, we will perform precise bridal alterations so your wedding gown is perfect for you. Book your free bridal alterations fitting today or gives us a call at 779-423-1234.
Please be sure to bring the shoes, undergarments, and shapewear you plan to wear under your dress so we can complete the wedding gown alterations correctly.

Now relax, you are in good hands.

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Bridal Alterations Journey at Tad More Tailoring

Getting bridal alterations can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. At Tad More Tailoring, it is clear and simple. Once you book your appointment you can come in for 2 types of appointments:

1. Get a Quote

2. Bridal Alterations

What's the difference? A quote is where you come in and try on your wedding dress, and one of our skilled bridal consultants and master tailors with discuss the alterations you want and give you a quote. That quote will be emailed to you and Tad More Tailoring will honor that quote for 30 days. There will be no pinning and fitting of the dress, it is purely a discussion so you know what you are getting into. Please be sure to let your bridal consultant know if you only want to get a quote.

On the other hand, a bridal alterations appointment is when your dress is fitted to you the way you want it to. Tad More Tailors will pin your dress for a hem, take-in, bustle, etc. Of course, you will know exactly how much your bridal alterations will cost during the appointment. If you decided not to go forward with the alterations for any reason, and all the work and pins have to be undone, there will be a $50 per hour charge for the appointment. So please be sure to let your bridal consultant know if you want a quote before we start the pinning process.

You are in good hands at Tad More Tailoring. During checkout, you will set your second appointment so you know exactly when to expect your alterations to be complete and when to come back. It is not uncommon to need 2 or more fittings to get the dress fitting perfectly, especially if we are making dramatic changes to the dress. The goal at Tad More is to make sure your dress fits exactly the way YOU want it to.

Congratulations! We are so excited to work with you. You will look amazing in the dress of your dreams.