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Women's Outerwear Alterations

Replace Buttons (per button) $6.60
Replace Zipper $52.80

Prices are subject to change.
For questions, please call us at (779) 423-1234.


Whether you need a coat button replaced or a new zipper for your favorite jacket, Tad More Tailoring makes it easy to maintain the quality of your outerwear. You can get your outerwear spruced up from the comfort of your home with Tad More Tailoring’s mail-in alterations. Watch this quick video to learn more about our easy process for mail-in alterations that will save you time and money!
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Tad More Tailoring offers these outerwear alterations to give your jackets and coats a new lease on life: 

  • Replace or Move Buttons -
    Replacing or moving outerwear buttons has never been easier! Put a pin by the buttons that need to be moved or replaced along with a note that indicates what needs to be done. Pricing is per button. We ask that you supply any new buttons to be used by sending them in along with your outerwear.
  • Replace Zipper -
    Tad More Tailoring can quickly replace the zipper on your coat or jacket! Put a pin by the zipper and make a note of the replacement. We ask that you supply the zipper and send it in along with your outerwear. 

Here’s how to pin your clothes for repair.