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Women's Suit Jacket Alterations

Replace Jacket Buttons ( per button) $6.60
Taper Jacket Sleeves $39.60
Take in Jacket Sides $39.60
Shorten Jacket Sleeves $55
Shorten Jacket Sleeves from Shoulder $79.30
Hem Jacket $79.20
Repair Jacket Pocket $16.50
Replace Jacket Pocket $33
Sew on Button $6.60
Open Buttonhole $6.60

Prices are subject to change.
For questions, please call us at (779) 423-1234.


Tad More is the tailor in your pocket that can perform all your alteration needs. Alterations are simple and convenient with Tad More Tailoring’s mail-in alterations. Learn more about how our mail in alterations save you time and money from the convenience of your home. Here is a short and sweet explanatory video. Remember our services are not limited to the list above. Always feel free to email with questions about different alterations or any other questions you many have. If you prefer, book a virtual fitting with one of our skilled seamstresses.


Tad More Tailoring provides a range of services. Below is the list of services provided for this product:

  • Hem Jacket - Shorten suit jacket length
  • Repair Jacket Lining (Email for price quote)
  • Repair lining
  • Repair Jacket Pocket - Repair pocket
  • Replace or move jacket buttons (price is per button. Please supply any new buttons to be used)
  • Replace Jacket Lining (Email for a price quote)
  • Replace lining Shorten Jacket Sleeves - Shorten jacket sleeve at wrist
  • Shorten Sleeves - Shorten jacket sleeve at the shoulder (*for any sleeve shortening that exceeds one inch.)
  • Take in Jacket Sides - Take in sides (*a maximum of ONE INCH per seam, otherwise the fit of the jacket will become distorted and any pocket details on the front will shift towards the back sides)
  • Taper Jacket Sleeves - Taper sleeves