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With Spring in full swing and summer around the corner, it’s about time to break out the shorts and prep them for another year! Luckily with online shorts alterations, you can revamp your shorts without even having to leave the house. Whether it be repairing holes, hemming to match current trends, or even giving old pants new life by cropping them, Tad More can help! 


Many current trends are geared towards shorts that are patterned to be shorter than previous years. That doesn’t need to be the death of your shorts, hemming is a simple alteration that can keep your shorts in style. You don’t even need to lose the favorite details on your pants! Have a vent on the side of your pants that you love? By working with our online shorts alteration services, our skilled seamstresses will work with you to select the best length and get the look you want. You can see how to prepare your shorts for hemming here.

Pants to shorts

If you have pants that have been sitting in the back of your closet due to knee tears or worn hems, it’s a simple alteration to simply cut them off at the knee and give them a new look. You can even use some of the extra length to add a rolled cuff or other fun details. You can see how to pin your pans to hem them in shorts here


Have a pair of shorts that you like but that are a little too baggy? With just a few pins and our online alterations for shorts you can turn them into a pair of shorts that will become a summer fashion staple. To take in the legs of the pants, all we need to do is perform what is called a taper. You can see how to pin your shorts to taper them here

Take in

If the waist of your shorts is loose it can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Taking them in to make them fit like a glove is an easy fix with with online alterations! You can see how to pin your shorts to take in the waist here


It’s always sad when a wardrobe favorite becomes worn or develops a hole making it unwearable. Luckily with our online alterations for shorts, you can get the help you need to make them good as new again! To get the help you need, simply fill out the form found here describing the problem you have and press send. From there our skilled team of seamstresses and tailors will work together to figure out the best way to repair your garment and respond to you within a 48 hour period.

How to reach out with questions

Have questions about online shorts alterations but don’t see the answer above or on our site? Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! To make it as easy as possible, we have several different ways for you to reach out. First, you can always reach out to us directly at our email address- Second, you can use the chat function found at the corner of our website to talk with one of our skilled team members. Third, you can fill out a custom alterations request form found here. Lastly, you can book a zoom to work directly with one of our skilled seamstresses.  

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