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If you take a look in your closet, you’ll probably find a dress or two that you don’t wear often. Perhaps you have a dress that fits well in the waist, but the straps are too loose. Maybe you have a long-sleeved dress perfect for a night out in autumn, but the skirt is too long. There might be a formal dress that you would wear again if you had the chance.

The rapid digital expansion of the fashion industry provides more options to reinvent your dresses while saving time and money with online alterations. Altering your dresses online doesn’t have to be a hassle, Tad More Tailoring has a user-friendly, efficient process in place for all your online dress alteration needs. After a consultation with one of our expert seamstresses, you will know exactly which alterations are needed for your dress. 

Here are a few ideas for online dress alterations to touch-up your wardrobe for a fashion-forward summer.

Simple Alterations to Improve the Fit of a Dress

A well-fitted dress can do wonders from a confidence boost to making a great impression. Ladies everywhere are familiar with the compromise that often comes with purchasing dresses, as a dress might fit well in one area but poorly in another. Believe it or not, small alterations can make a noticeable difference in achieving the desired fit of a dress. Something simple like shortening the straps or taking the waist in can transform an ill-fitting dress into a sophisticated wardrobe piece. 

Shorten a Long Dress to Create a Summer Dress

Summer dress season is here! Make a long-sleeved dress ready for summer by shortening the sleeves to cap length, or removing them completely for a sleeveless look. If the skirt of the dress is too long, hem it to your desired length. Depending on the fabric type of the dress, you could use the excess skirt fabric to create a tied waist for a trendy look. You could also fashion a cute scrunchie from the remaining fabric to accessorize!

Shorten an Old Formal Dress for a Casual Look 

No special occasion is necessary for you to wear your favorite formal dress again. By shortening a sheath dress to knee-length, you can have a smart casual dress that is perfect for a night out on the town! You could also separate the skirt from the top of the dress to create a modern two-piece statement! 

Online alterations can prolong the life of your dresses by refining the way they fit, or transforming them into something new. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your dresses. Connect with a reputable online tailor with the skills and vision to make your requests become reality!

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