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Whether you'll be picnicking at a park, lighting sparklers, or running through sprinklers, these DIY outfit ideas will have you looking festive and fun!

Revamp Some Old Blue Jeans 

Nothing screams “Born in the U.S.A.” (other than Bruce Springsteen) quite like denim on denim, a midwestern style archetype. A denim shirt or jacket worn with jeans is also known as a Canadian Tux. Fun fact - The term ‘Canadian Tux’ originated in 1951 after singer Bing Crosby was refused entry into a high-end hotel in Vancouver because he was wearing a denim on denim outfit. Replicate this rebel look by putting your old blue jeans on and adding a denim jacket, vest, or shirt. If you want to keep cool, shorten a pair of jeans into cut-off shorts for a country-rustic look! 

Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

Find some stripes or star patches to sew onto your shirt, denim jacket, or jeans for a decorated effect! If you’re feeling bold, make your own from spare fabric in red, white, or blue. 

Paint it Red, White, and Blue

A white T-shirt, cloth tote, or bandana is the perfect canvas for painting a patriotic scene or the American flag. Make your fireworks and stars pop with a layer of clear glitter paint! If you want something more versatile, you could tie-dye a T-shirt in red, white, and blue! 

Use Extra Fabric for Accessories 

Use the remaining denim from your cut-off jean shorts to make a cute scrunchie or hair bow! If you have a bandana in a patriotic color, you could make a neck tie, hair scarf, or headband by tying it! Find some patriotic ribbon and tie it around a hair elastic for a festive pop of color! 

Using your resources to create something new is an authentic and all-American way to celebrate Independence Day! Be bold, show off your patriotism in style! 

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