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Finding the perfect Father's Day gift can be challenging, here are some ideas to make the day extra special for your dad this year. 

Gift Cards for the Greatest Dad

While 40% of dads hope to get a gift card on Father's Day, 46% of Father's Day gifts are clothes. There's a fair chance that at some point, we got our dads improperly fitting clothes. Your dad probably kept the shirt or jersey you gifted him years ago, its likely tucked away in his closet because it didn't fit right. A gift card from Tad More Tailoring would cover the alterations needed to get those clothes in ready-to-wear shape! As we learned from our dads, money doesn't grow on trees. You can put this phrase into action by helping him prolong the life of his wardrobe, which saves money! 

Dine - in or Out

Many dads spend their summer evenings at the grill making burgers and barbeque. Growing up, maybe your dad prepared delicious meals each night for your family. Return the favor by giving him a night off or treating him to a night out! You could prepare his favorite lunch or bake a dessert to show him your appreciation. Perhaps your dad's favorite food requires knowledge outside of your kitchen capabilities, you could take him to a new or favorite restaurant of his!

Special Outing

There are countless ways to spend quality time with your dad doing something fun and memorable. If your dad likes sports, you can take him to see his favorite team play at their next home game. Maybe your dad likes action-packed movies, take him to see Jurassic World: Dominion in theaters. For dads who love outdoor activities, you could go boating or hiking for an afternoon. If your dad likes games, go bowling or take him to an arcade. Commemorate his special outing with a souvenir or framed photos. 


It isn't uncommon for us to get caught up in finding the perfect Father's Day gift each year. Through our gifts, we want to show our dads that we know their likes and unique styles while adhering to the practicality and usability principles that they instilled in us. Beyond the gifts, remember that showing your appreciation and love for your dad doesn't cost a cent. All that is needed to make Father's Day special is some time to spare with him and your presence. 

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