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When deciding what to get your loved ones for Christmas, it can be difficult to honor their personal style if it is different from your own. Personal style tends to bleed into all aspects of someone’s life, whether it be how they dress themselves or how they decorate their home. Taking some time to notice your friends’ and family’s preferences can alleviate the stress of merely guessing a Christmas gift that they would like. Check out these 5 personal styles and ideas for what to gift each one. 



Crisp whites, versatile denim, and a simple loafer are definers of this style. Friends with this style most likely enjoy keeping things meaningful but simple and prefer quality over quantity. Pay attention to their wardrobe staples and consider getting them a similar version of the same piece. Better yet, a Tad More Tailoring gift card for Christmas would be the perfect gift so they can have their favorite shirts, pants, and more mended or altered and looking brand new.

A classic and quality piece of jewelry, such as a gold bangle or diamond stud earrings, can add a touch of sparkle to a basic outfit. For the home, some simple yet functional organizational bins as a Christmas gift will keep his or her home (and mind) tidy. 



On the darker side, edgier friends most likely gravitate towards more intensity. This being said, leather may be foundational to their wardrobe. Leather can be more difficult to mend or alter, so it can get rather expensive at an otherwise simple trip to the tailoring shop. A TMT gift card to cushion the price is like getting them a brand new jacket for Christmas. No need to worry about where your loved one lives either with Tad More’s online alteration program- learn more about this revolutionary tailoring service here! 

Past clothing, concert tickets to their favorite rock band could be a fun bonding experience for sometime after the holidays. Silver earrings, such as hanging paper clips or studs, can top off any edgy outfit. To decorate their home as well, embroidery art is a unique Christmas present with many options- dancing skeletons on black fabric will sure to please the edginess in anyone.



Your most glamorous loved one deserves something just as sparkly as their personality this Christmas! A crystal vase adds a special decoration to their vanity as they get ready for the day. Complete this gift with a bouquet of flowers or, if you’re feeling generous, a bouquet subscription to make sure their vase always has fresh florals. 

Another way to upgrade their vanity is to gift them a new set of makeup brushes or the latest eyeshadow palette. If this seems like a redundant gift for them, maybe replenish their makeup brush cleaner and get them a silicone scrub pad for Christmas this year so their brushes are always like new. If your loved one has all the materials he or she needs, perhaps tools to keep their plethora of beauty products exactly where they are supposed to be. Clear acrylic bins are beautifully glamorous and so functional that they’ll cut their getting ready time in half!  



Those with a “boho” personal style often love earthy, flowy tones and textures. Cotton or linen in a flowy maxi dress silhouette or a beige felt fedora can match your “go with the flow” friend’s aesthetic. If you’re sticking to clothing this Christmas, a jacket with fringe or a suede jumper will keep them a little warmer during the Winter season than their normal flowy skirts. 

Aside from clothing, bohemians probably keep their homes airy, earthy, and relaxed. Something macrame, like a wall hanging or an aerial fruit basket, will add those cool elements that they like. If your boho friend is also a plant lover then add another “baby” to his or her collection this Christmas- look for plants that bloom in the winter like Christmas cacti, peace lilies, and amaryllis. Wicker or hyacinth baskets, for organizing their homes, can create a beautiful, functional display whereas an essential oil diffuser and an earthy scent like cedarwood or juniper will set the ambiance through aroma. 



This “style” is ever-changing which is why it is most often embraced by the younger generation. So, if you have a younger cousin or sibling to Christmas shop for, these ideas might be for you! Though many people are still on the fence about this trend, foam clogs (most popular brand: Crocs) have made a huge comeback and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If your loved one already has Crocs or the equivalent, opt for some fun shoe charms instead.

Because trends can change overnight, we suggest getting something trendy but still functional. Hydration never goes out of style, so a nice reusable water bottle in a fun color or pattern will keep your family member or friend hydrated and trendy. If you find a quality water bottle but it only comes in basic colors, a fun package of stickers to apply to their bottle is a fun alternative.

Recognizing your loved one’s styles can be very helpful in getting them something they’ll love for Christmas. Use this list to keep Christmas shopping fun and exciting this year. Happy Holidays everyone!

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