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Winter is right around the corner. With the sneaky warmth that comes with many autumn days, sometimes colder weather can sneak up on us! It can be tempting to buy new articles of clothing, like a new coat or new trendy sweaters. To save money and waste, always look in your closet and drawers first to take inventory of what you already have- you may be surprised at the warm weather clothing you forgot about! 

After you gather your winter wardrobe, check for holes, tears, and loose seams and try them on and make sure your clothing fits in all the right places. Whether you want to raise the hem on a top or need some loose seams repaired, a top-rated tailor can take care of these simple alterations and much more. Lastly, send your jackets, cashmere, and other cold weather wear that has special washing instructions to the dry cleaners for a professional cleaning. Check your closet to make sure these 8 classic winter wardrobe staples are ready to keep you warm in the cold!


Heavyweight Coat

A quality, heavyweight winter coat is an absolute must for places like the Midwest. Look at your lifestyle to decide which coat is the best pick for you. For example, if you work primarily in an office setting, meet clients over lunch, or often enjoy dinner at a highly rated restaurant perhaps a wool peacoat is the best option for you. On the other hand if you like casual hangouts at a local bar or live in a walkable area of town perhaps a down feather filled jacket with a warm hood is more suitable. Whatever your lifestyle calls for, we suggest a longer hem for extra warmth and a neutral color for extra versatility!


Knit Cardigan

It doesn’t get more versatile than a knit cardigan. These layering articles come in a variety of shapes and colors- get them cropped with a crew neckline or one with ¾ length sleeves paired with a V-neck. No matter what style you choose, wear it open atop a fun t-shirt or buttoned up with a silky tank underneath.


Fleece-lined Leggings or Tights

Sure, you could get leggings made out of fleece and they would be super warm and cozy. Fleece is a very casual, functional fabric. Because of this though, you might not want to wear fleece leggings out to a holiday party. Fleece-lined leggings, however, keep the same sleekness of leggings but unlike their “yoga pants” predecessor, actually keep you warm! Better yet, a pair of fleece-lined tights is a handy accessory that can allow your black or festive mini skirts to be worn all year long.


Sweater Dress

In general, casual dresses are made from materials that are comfortable and breathable. Sweater dresses usually fall into this category as well, especially when spandex is mixed in with the fabric blend. Spandex makes fabrics more elastic so that clothing gives form yet still allows maximum mobility. The higher the percentage of spandex, the more it will comfortably cling to the body. If this isn’t your style, keep the amount of spandex low and look for surplice or ruching details for your sweater dress. 


Layering Turtleneck

It’s always smart to have many versatile layering pieces, such as long-sleeved black tees, but a thin cotton turtleneck in the same color elevates a winter outfit. Not only does it add an extra layer under a scarf, it adds extra chicness too. Try layering a turtleneck under an oversized crew neck sweatshirt, a flannel button down, or even a maxi dress from the summer!



This monochromatic look is a trend that’s just too cozy and cute to pass up. Unlike sweatsuits of the past that rocked a ‘swishy’ nylon material, modern sweatsuits are made of more lounge-friendly materials, like spandex, and blended with cozy fabrics such as cotton, wool, and cashmere. Match your favorite black sweats and black sweatshirt for the same effect!


Wool/Cashmere Sweater

Speaking of wool and cashmere, sweaters made from these materials will keep you warm even in the coldest winter temperatures. High quality wool and cashmere will feel buttery soft on your skin and provide excellent insulation. Invest in these sweaters, care for them properly, and they will last for years. Check labels for how your particular sweater should be washed or get it dry cleaned. Reach out to Tad More to inquire about our dry cleaning services available.


Thick Socks

It can be a special task keeping your toes warm and dry during the months of winter especially if you commute to work, school, or even the grocery store through snowy weather. Thick socks underneath waterproof boots is a must for those braving the snow-covered driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots. For work settings wear your socks and boots to get you from your car to your desk to avoid ruining your professional shoes. Change into your work shoes real quick before you get started for the day!

Your clothing is the most important line of defense from the elements. That is why it’s so important to make sure they are in tip top shape going into the coldest months of the year. It’s not bad to make sure they look great too! No matter what your lifestyle encompasses, stay warm and stylish with these 8 winter weather essentials. 

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