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It can often be difficult to categorize your own style, much less understand your friends’ and family’s personal styles.  If you couldn’t find a style that fit your Christmas gift list in our article, “How to Buy Christmas Presents for Your Loved Ones Based on Their Styles,” then check out these other ideas based on 5 more different personal styles.



Do you have a friend or family member who loves wearing leggings for pants? Perhaps you have a sibling or cousin who is a total gym rat. Get them something for Christmas that makes their on-the-go lifestyle a little more functional. Dropping the cord and opting for wireless headphones or earbuds make working out or running so much easier. A mini massage gun is the perfect tool to target sore muscles after an intense workout.

You could also add some variety into their workout attire by getting them a jogger/sweatshirt set in an unexpected color. For something a little more subtle, try this route but with a couple pairs of fun socks instead of a whole sweatsuit. An exercise class punch card or bundle can also encourage your loved one to try something new. Yoga, Crossfit, Orange Theory, or Zumba are all classes to look into!



This is perhaps one of the most challenging styles to buy for when you consider how most vintage items are attained- often just by chance while thrifting! A Tad More Tailoring gift card to have their vintage finds dry cleaned, altered, or mended, can have their secondhand duds looking like new! Along this same idea, try putting together a “vintage clothing cleaning kit” for their Christmas present. Ultimately this could be made up of common cleaners, but it’s really the knowledge that is invaluable in order to preserve a vintage item. Try making a laminated cheat sheet to include so that they can keep it handy. Check out this article at Racked for tips and tricks to cleaning vintage clothing. 



Those with an eclectic style can have a seemingly haphazard way of dressing or decorating their homes. Get into this same headspace and you’ll have a much easier time buying a gift for your unique friend. Mosey around a flea market or thrift store and see if you can find an interesting picture frame or statue to add to their collection of obscurities. Finding some funky sunglasses will make your eclectic aunt or friend smile and think of you every time he or she wears them. 

Etsy or farmer’s markets are also great hubs for unique and handmade Christmas gifts. Artwork that speaks to their personality is sure to be hung in a prime location in their house. A fun, quirky card game is another idea that will bring you and your friends or family members together and make some great memories! Check out the game “Pretending to Grownup” or “Ecologies” for some inspiration.


Relaxed (Hygge)

A friend who has this style preference will most likely love an intimate movie night or going to bed early. For comfortable movie viewing, try gifting a bean bag chair or a cozy lounge set for Christmas. A silk pillowcase and eye mask set is perfect for them to get a good night’s sleep. Silk or satin are great for reducing frizzy hair so your loved one will be able to achieve the “I woke up like this” look. Best of both worlds!

To add some “Hygge” to their morning as well, a fun combination gift of specialty teas and an electric tea kettle will allow them to brew a cup of tea while preserving as much of their energy as possible. A mug warmer will ensure that even the slowest coffee and tea drinkers always have something warm to sip on especially in these colder months. 



Preppy style takes notes from the “classic” style silhouettes but makes them brighter with patterns and color. Look to Lily Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines for inspiration- it is worth noting the expense of traditionally preppy designers, but keep in mind that brands like Hunter Wellies and L.L. Bean hold up well and are often worth the investment. If you’re looking to steer away from clothing for your preppy friend this Christmas though, a manicure/pedicure date, simple pearl earrings, or a brightly colored planner with matching pens would all make equally great gifts. 

Monogramming is also a great idea to gift someone with a preppy personal style. Tad More Tailoring offers very affordable monogramming services; if you have access to the clothing your loved one wants monogrammed this would be a fun surprise for them to open. Always keep in mind that TMT offers gift cards, so no need to worry about slyly borrowing your friend’s clothing!

This inclusive gift guide is perfect to buy Christmas presents for all your loved ones no matter their style, age, or gender. Let us know on Social Media what styles you want to see next. Happy shopping!

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