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Getting a Christmas gift for your boss or colleague is a kind, sentimental gesture that can get tricky. You will probably want to have the perfect balance of price, meaning you don’t want to spend too much or too little. You also probably want it to be personal but not so much so that it comes across as intrusive. In the workplace, Christmas gifts can feel stressful while trying to keep it meaningful yet professional. Whether it’s your work bestie, boss, or cubicle mate, this list will help you find the perfect Christmas gift for all of your work people. 


Desk plant

Did you know indoor plants work to boost productivity and lift the mood? Who doesn’t want or even need that at the office! Plus, plants are synonymous with fresh, clean air so this is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Look for seasonal plants that can live on a desktop like Christmas cacti, amaryllises, or snake plants. Find a small pot that fits their personality and you’ll have the perfect Christmas gift for your colleagues.


USB mini vacuum

Perfect for the coworker who is a neat freak or for the frequent snacker, this device is great to keep their work areas clean. Just plug the USB into the computer port and vacuum all the crumbs out of drawers, keyboards, and more. Leftover Christmas cookie morsels will be no match for this gadget!


Coffee mug warmer

For the boss who drinks coffee or tea all day long, ensure their cup stays warm even during the coldest part of the year. Chances are this person already has a ton of actual mugs so a mug warmer is a step up and a bit more practical this year for Christmas. 


Mini Zen garden

Stress in the office will melt away with this Christmas gift. If you notice a colleague needing some extra zen in their workday, a gift like this which generally comes complete with a sand rake, stones, and mini greenery, will provide a grounding outlet to your work buddies when they get overwhelmed. There has never been a more soothing Christmas present.


Insulated mug

This Christmas gift is along the same lines as the mug warmer but is better for the coworker who sips on the same cup of coffee most of the day. A quality insulated mug generally keeps drinks cold for around 12 hours and hot for 24. This should be plenty of time for the office “sippers” to finish their drinks. 


Hot sauce keychain

Funny but functional, a gag gift like this for a Christmas gift is perfect for the coworker who always has a hot sauce bottle stashed in their purse, briefcase, or desk drawer. Now your spiciest coworkers can always have a backup in case their bottle ever runs out!



Christmas is always the perfect time of year for a brand new planner as the new year is right around the corner. Planners can be surprisingly customizable. The easiest way to do so is to find a pattern that your coworker would like. For your boss, embossing his or her initials on a leather cover conveys the right amount of respect, class, and appreciation. Complete this thoughtful gift with their favorite pens or highlighters. 


TMT gift card

Give your colleagues, coworkers, managers, and bosses the gift of confidence this year for Christmas. A simple gift card to Tad More Tailoring is thoughtful and professional- their office wardrobes will always fit like a glove with this present! Even if you work from home and your colleagues and bosses live in a different part of the country, TMT offers online tailoring services anywhere in the United States which provide the same quality alterations through the mail.

Just send your pinned clothes to the Tad More Tailoring’s shop located in Rockford, IL. Within 5 days, Tad More will alter or mend your clothes and then ship them back to you. It will be like your work bestie is getting a whole new wardrobe!


Desktop whiteboard

A desktop whiteboard is perfect for early morning brain dumps and “to do” lists. If you have a coworker who perpetually needs sticky notes because of this reason, this is the gift for them. A package of thin dry erase markers makes this the perfect Christmas gift for your colleague.


Charging Stand

Eliminate some cords on your office friend’s desk this Christmas with a charging stand for their phone. This is especially perfect if your coworker utilizes their phone for work purposes. Now they can always have a charge while still having quick, easy access to their phones. 

If you want to get a gift for your coworker, boss, or colleague but are at a loss for what specifically to get them, check out this list of 10 Christmas gift ideas for your office personnel. These Christmas presents are fun and professional and are sure to be a hit in the workplace.

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