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Father’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to show appreciation to our dads. However, they can be particularly difficult to shop for, especially if he is not the most vocal about the things he needs or wants. Get your dad something he will really enjoy this Father’s Day whether he enjoys staying active, going on an adventure, or telling outrageous jokes. Tad More Tailoring can help make gifting for dad easier this season- check out these 6 ideas for your dad this Father’s Day. 

Something to Keep Him Organized

Many dads are notorious for having some, let’s just say unique, ways of keeping their belongings safe and organized. His 13-year old wallet that’s hanging together by its last leather strand simply has to go! And how does he ever have a charge with the tangle of charging cords on his nightstand? Upgrading everyday items like this is a great way to help your dad’s life run that much smoother.

A slim wallet is sleek yet functional- look for ones that are made from aluminum for longevity and to prevent the wallet from losing its shape. A charging station for his cellphone, smart watch, laptop, and portable charger will make sure he’ll never have a low battery again!


Something to Keep Him Active

Movement is important for any healthy lifestyle. If your dad could use a little encouragement to get active, a new health gadget could be just what he needs. A supportive and stylish pair of sneakers could get him off the couch and get him moving his feet. Smart water bottles, to track his water intake, often have a light feature that glows to remind him to keep drinking. If he still needs a little more motivation, try a fitness class punch card- this can allow him to create a routine without too much commitment from dad. Fitness classes can range from crossfit to yoga, so check locally for different options that fit your dad’s movement preferences.

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Something to Keep His Mind Sharp

If your dad enjoys more cerebral stimulation, opt for a subscription that encourages him to use his brain. A subscription to a language app, such as Babble, can help him cross off an item from his bucket list by teaching him a second language. You can also go back to the basics and get him a magazine subscription like Reader’s Digest, The Economist, or Harper’s. Physical board or card games can get the whole family involved in brain building- look into games like Prime Climb or Catan that incorporate math skills or strategic thinking.

Something to Keep Him Looking Stylish

Everybody likes to get dressed up now and then, so even if your dad doesn’t wear a suit often, he deserves to have his dapper look on standby for when the time is right. Unique cufflinks, a nice pair of sunglasses, or dress novelty socks provide the perfect touch of personality for your dad’s look.

For dads that do sport dress shirts often, a simple monogram of his initials on the cuff or shirt pocket of his button down adds a luxe detail to his outfit. Tad More Tailoring offers monogramming services both in store and through their online alteration services. Tad More also offers gift cards so that your dad can get his wardrobe tailored as he needs it. Check out TMT’s website for more details.

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Something to Make Him Laugh

There’s no one that can make you laugh quite like your dad can. Return the favor and get your dad something truly laughable this Father’s Day. A book of dad jokes can refresh his joke bank while humorous printed toilet paper will keep him laughing no matter the business your dad is taking care of. 

For an ultra personalized gift, try the trend of recreating an old family photo. Find a picture filled with funny faces, awkward poses, or just a photo that your dad loves. Getting the original photo and the recreated photo framed together will be sure to make your dad smile and/or laugh often!

Something to Experience with Him

As we get older, it can get harder to make time to spend with our parents. Giving the gift of quality time is thoughtful, personal, and so fun! Depending on your dad’s interests, get him concert tickets or tickets to his favorite sporting event- remember to get at least two so you can go with him!

If your dad likes more of an adrenaline rush, indoor skydiving could be a fun adventure for both of you. An afternoon at a nearby Topgolf facility can be just as fun but a little more relaxing. 

Stay on top of your Father’s Day shopping this year with this comprehensive list of ideas. No matter what your dad’s interests are, there’s a gift to match. Happy Father’s Day and happy shopping everyone!

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