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While modern tailoring has expanded to include all garments, more formal silhouettes are where tailors have historically obtained most of their work. So it’s no surprise that once the art of tailoring branched into the digital realm, online suit alterations would be a no-brainer for tailors and customers alike. Never has it been so easy to look great and save time and money. 

With online suit alterations, simply pin your jacket and slacks from the comfort of your home and then send them into a top online tailor, like Tad More Tailoring. In a matter of weeks you’ll get your suit back in the mail, custom fitted to you. It cannot get more convenient.

Pinning your suit can sound intimidating, but some simple guidelines and suggestions will assure you a perfect fit. If possible, have a roommate or relative help you pin your garments so you can stand up tall and keep your eyes forward. Looking down or slouching, two positions you might take while pinning alone, will distort your clothing and make it harder to pin accurately the first go around. If you choose to pin your own garments, make sure to walk around, sit, and stand up straight while looking in a mirror to make sure your pinning looks accurate and is comfortable. Watching instructional videos can also be very helpful when trying to determine correct garment marking. 

What accessories you match with your suit are also important details when considering your online suit alterations. Pinning while wearing your entire look, from head to toe, will help ensure a properly tailored suit. Different undergarments, shoes, or belts can affect the fit of your suit more than you realize. Consider a white tee versus a ribbed tank, briefs as opposed to boxers, or a half inch difference in shoe heels. This could drastically change the intended style of your suit. 

Lastly, the online tailoring experience works well when you know what you want. When it comes to suits, communicating your suit style preference to your tailor can save some confusion and disappointment. Check out this article by Man of Many outlining some suit style basics! 

With no further ado, 3 basic online suit alterations to level up your look.

#1: Perfect the Details of your Jacket Sleeves

suit alterations at best online tailor Tad More Tailoring

Suit coats have jacket sleeves that traditionally sit right at or a little above the wrist, generally short enough to show roughly a ¼” of the shirt sleeves underneath. Choosing to shorten sleeves to hit at this spot can be a great way to add a pop of color under a neutral suit. However, pay attention to the details of the rest of the sleeve, as they could be affected by the alteration. Specifically, buttons and vents at the hem of the sleeve may also have to be shortened or repositioned.

A vent is a vertical slit at the hem of the sleeve on which the buttons sit. Depending on your jacket, this could look like functioning buttons with an open vent to non-functioning buttons and a closed vent. Despite the variation in jacket builds, top online tailors cannot only repair but also enhance these details to add personal style. Try replacing boring or broken buttons (on the sleeves and the waist!) with more stylistic ones, like metal or engraved buttons.

#2: The Taper

suit alterations at best online alterations Tad More Tailoring

The distinction seen in suit styles often comes down to how slim the fit is. Classic styles offer more room or movement in the suit and use a little more material. Sometimes tapering even a ½” can give your look an air of freshness, moving into the realm of the modern cut suit. Continuing to taper both in the jacket and the slacks will quickly result in a slim fit, the trendiest cut of the three. 

Whatever the cut, suits look best when they align with your natural shoulder and waist lines so, in a very physical sense, just stay true to you and you won’t go wrong! 

#3: Breaking Free with a New Hem

hemming at best online tailor Tad More Tailoring

The “break” in a suit pant refers to the fold in material as the pants rest on the shoes, as this detail “breaks” the clean line of the slacks. A full break has the most material pooling and is constructed with the widest leg opening. A half break is the more modern alternative, contrived of less pooled material and smaller leg openings, which can work better when altering slimmer pants.

No break in a pair of slacks would mean the pant hem kisses the top of the shoe laces. This is a great option for both relaxed and slim trousers, but may require some extra tapering depending on how slim. The same goes for a negative break, or one where ankles are showing. This option is extra fun for people who like colorful or patterned socks!

Gowns aren’t the only thing that can have a little variety and show off personal style. There are so many ways to customize and enhance your special occasion suit. Reach out to a top online tailor to discuss your options for personalized online suit alterations!

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