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It can be intimidating sending your clothing off to be cut and resewn without ever having the tailor see your garments on your body. But rest assured, online tailoring services are easy and convenient, that is if you choose a top online tailor. In the digital age that we are living in, there are more and more ways to use the internet to conveniently and efficiently complete tasks.

This is often great for the busy lives we lead, however, this fact can be a double-edged sword. It can be overwhelming when your search populates millions of tabs. Because there are companies out there that make bigger claims than they can keep, it’s always wise to do your research. This is especially imperative if you are wanting to send in items like a designer suit or a vintage family heirloom. Avoid shipping your garments off to a random tailoring shop on the internet and instead check out these 4 key points to consider when shopping for an online tailor.


When ordering alterations online, most online tailoring websites do not require actual communication with the tailoring shop employees. It is truly as simple as putting the alterations in your online cart, checking out, and then printing a shipping label.

This is fine for someone who has utilized online alterations in the past, however, new patrons may have more trepidations. Try reaching out to the tailoring shop before you even purchase your alterations. Note how many avenues there are to communicate with the shop. Ideally there are multiple ways to get a hold of your tailor whether that’s through an email, on the phone, or through social media direct messages.

As a way to test this, pick your preferred method of communication and reach out- do they pick up? How long does it take for them to respond to your email? If you’re already nervous about online alterations, sending garments to a poorly communicating tailoring shop may exaggerate your fears. Chances are if they are difficult to reach with simple questions, they most likely will still be difficult to reach after you’ve paid and shipped your clothing.

Tad More Tailoring goes a step further and offers Zoom appointments to meet with seamstresses “face-to-face.” This is the perfect option if you need some extra help pinning your garments. Even though you will still have to do the actual pinning, expert seamstresses give clear instructions that will make sure your garments fit exactly how you want them to.

Quality Previous Work

Online alterations at best online alterations service Tad More Tailoring

If a tailoring shop is savvy enough to offer online tailoring services, most likely they will have at least one social media platform. Tailoring is the type of craft that experience speaks to how quality the finished work is. Make sure they look like quality work that is up to your standard.

Check out before and after posts and posts about custom jobs. Success in these more complicated projects show expertise in the tailoring field. These are great references if you plan on sending in a more complicated project, but even better if you have more simple alterations in mind.

If a tailor can alter ornate wedding dresses or designer gowns then they should be able to handle straightforward alterations such as hemming pants or taking in a shirt at the waist.

Positive Online Reviews

It only makes sense that if you’re looking to use an online tailor that you would check out their online reviews. Google reviews, reddit, social media, or the company’s website can be good resources. Look for keywords or phrases like “quick turnaround,” “helpful staff,” or “quality alterations.” Here’s a great review of Tad More Tailoring’s online alteration services:

“The team at Tad More is amazing. Not only are they professional and really good at their jobs, but they go above and beyond to assist you, ensuring you have the perfect fit each time! I use them for my own alterations; the mail in process is so easy and if they have any questions, they contact you right away. If you are looking for a reliable team of tailors, then this is it.” -Abdus Saleem


online tailoring at best online tailoring service Tad More Tailoring

Making sure your online tailor is communicative is one thing but it’s another thing to have them be knowledgeable about your specific alterations. If you are getting basic alterations such as hems, mends, and repairs then most likely your tailor is knowledgeable enough.

More complex tailoring projects, however, call for more expertise as previously alluded to, so here’s where you break out the hard-hitting questions. Even ask them to explain the process to you. Even if you can’t exactly follow the process, notice how confident they are in presenting the information. Tell them all your concerns and as many details as you can think of that you want

Finding a reliable and quality online tailor can be difficult. It is necessary to have an online tailor in your back pocket especially in the shadow of the pandemic. Take the stress out of choosing a trustworthy seamstress or tailor to alter your clothing and check off these four characteristics that every top online tailor should have.
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