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Using a virtual tailor is a new concept for most people. You may be a little hesitant to take the leap because you aren’t sure what to expect, which is completely understandable. Let’s discuss the top five reasons why online tailoring is a great solution to save you time and money, reduce your impact on the environment, and simplify your life. 

1- Using a virtual tailor helps you save money. 

You can buy higher quality clothing and know that it will last longer, meaning fewer replacement costs. Purchasing a classic black dress or pants suit made of higher quality fabrics and having a virtual tailor customize the fit for you will outlast many of the ‘fast fashion’ trend outfits that are not intended to be worn for more than a season. This means you are saving money every time you wear your tailored clothes!

2- A clothing alteration service helps you save the planet by reducing waste.

There are multiple ways that you can reduce your environmental impact by using the clothes you already have longer instead of purchasing new items. First, you are keeping the clothes you have out of a landfill. Second, by not purchasing new clothes, you impact and reduce the demand for new clothing production which consumes valuable resources and puts toxins into the environment (water polluted by toxic dyes, plastics from polyester, insecticides used on cotton crops, CO2 production, etc). Additionally, by utilizing online tailoring and using the United States Post Office to ship your items, which goes to every mailbox already, you are not creating additional fuel demands for transportation/shipping and reducing your carbon footprint.

3- Online tailoring saves you time and energy.

Gone are the days when you need to take a longer lunch hour or leave work early to get to the tailor shop for your alterations. Pin your favorite jeans from the comfort of home when it is convenient for you. Tad More Tailoring, the best online tailor, has videos that make customizing your wardrobe quick and easy! If you don’t feel up to marking the hem of your pants, you can send along a sample pair that fits you great and your virtual tailor at Tad More will replicate the inseam length or waistband size to recreate your best fit.

4- Quality is not sacrificed when you work with a virtual tailor.

Hesitation about the quality of online tailoring is a legitimate concern. Make sure you read google reviews for whichever clothing alteration service you choose, whether in person or online. Look for comments from people who mention the same things you need, like pants hem or taking in a shirt, etc. A virtual tailor like Tad More Tailoring will have many reviews from in-person and online customers letting you trust that they provide high-quality alterations, communication, and customer service. Their satisfaction guarantee is one more indication of the quality you should expect from the best online tailor for your needs.

5- The convenience of online tailoring makes your life easier.

Who doesn’t like to check things off the to-do list? Online tailoring reduces stress in your life by taking care of details so you don’t have to. No time for fitting appointments? Not necessary! Send along something that fits you great and an online tailor will replicate the size for you. The online shopping cart for Tad More Tailoring walks you through each step of the process to make it simple and fast. Print your shipping label from home and put your package in your mailbox for your mail carrier. No extra errands are needed. Sit back and relax. In just a few days your clothes will come back to your doorstep altered by your new best friend, the virtual tailor! The money you save by not purchasing new clothes as often will be a nice addition to your wallet- maybe you can take that part of your monthly budget and put it towards a fun get-away weekend with friends?

We’ve covered five great reasons why using an online tailor helps you save money, time, and the world around you. You are going to look and feel marvelous in your personalized wardrobe of tailored clothes, especially knowing how easy it was. 

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