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Do you have clothing items that you aren’t wearing because you need pants hemmed or other alterations are required? Why is that? Maybe you don’t know where to find a tailor nearby, or maybe you just don’t have the time available to leave work for a fitting? Most tailors have business hours that closely resemble your working hours, making drop-offs and pick-ups inconvenient. If the pants have been in your closet for a while, it’s also pretty unlikely that you are going to get around to hemming them yourself, even if you have the skillset.

What you need is a ‘tailor near me’ who is super convenient, skilled, and available when you are.

An online tailoring service like Tad More Tailoring can check off every part of your list.

  • Convenient: Their website shows you how to pin or mark the length so your pants get hemmed just right.
  • Skilled: The tailor and sewists have more than 30 years of experience. A quick scan of the google reviews will confirm that they work with integrity and quality.
  • Available when you are: Using their easy process, ship your pants (and other clothes) and they will ship them back 5 business days after receiving them! Your clothes will literally show up at your doorstep!
  • BONUS: Easily pay online, with the confidence of a guarantee that the work meets high-quality standards.

If you are concerned that getting your pants hemmed will be a complicated process, fear not! You can let the tailor know your preferred length with a safety pin at the right length, or measure the inseam of a pair of pants that fits you well and put that in the comments, or even easier, just send in a pair of pants labeled “sample” and the tailor will match that inseam length to the other pair. The online shopping cart will create a shipping label for your package and your part of the process is complete. 

Wherever you are in the United States, now there is a ‘tailor near me’ that you can count on. 

If you need more than just your pants hemmed, they’ve got your back. Pant legs can be tapered, waistbands can be taken in or let out, belt loops and zippers repaired or replaced, etc. There are many alterations available for the rest of your clothes too! Shirt sleeves can be shortened, tapered, removed, buttons replaced, and more. The best part is no surprises, a price chart on the website lets you know exactly what to expect.

Now that you know where to get your pants hemmed, you can take full advantage of the part of your wardrobe that has been tucked away gathering dust because it did not fit quite right or needed repair. When your friends and family ask where you got the money to buy so many new clothes, you can let them know that you found an awesome new ‘tailor near me’ who is making your life easier and your clothes more functional and comfortable.

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