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No matter how we style them, where we are going, or what adventure may take us there, jeans are an outfit staple… so long as they fit properly. Jeans look great and make us feel great only when they are comfortable enough to wear and match our individual style!

Women seem to have a little more freedom in terms of what is socially acceptable to wear. This is no different when it comes to picking the perfect pair of jeans. Fortunately this gives almost an infinite amount of choices that makes it possible to match your own style and preferences, no matter what that may look like. Sometimes the subjectively of this can be a little overwhelming but just keep in mind the #1 rule of sustainable fashion: dress for your body. A local or online tailor for jeans can often help a pair of jeans fit exactly how your body is begging to wear them, hugging your curves and hitting all the right spots. Altering jeans to fit you will keep you stylish and comfortable.

This being said, there are some factors that will inevitably play into how jeans fit despite your body type that should be considered when trying jeans on. Two such effects are the wash and the cut. In general, lighter washes and relaxed cuts can have a shortening effect whereas the opposite is true for darker washes or skinnier cut jeans.

These factors can definitely change depending on your choice of shoe wear. For example, a lighter wash matched with a straight leg cut and high heels may not shorten your figure at all and dark straight leg jeans with a flat sneaker may not elongate your legs as much as you’d think. 

The rise and the inseam can also change the style of your jeans dramatically. The rise of pants is defined as the measurement from the waistband down to the crotch seam. High rise jeans (more commonly, high-waisted) have ebbed and flowed throughout fashion history and are currently very popular. This construction still gives a vintage look and also works to lengthen the legs by incorporating the torso in one fluid line. Conversely, a lower rise will only make you look as tall as your legs- depending on your body type and your style this could be desired or not!

The inseam of a pair of jeans for women is where things get more variable. It is not uncommon to see a shorter inseam these days in many outfits, showing off more ankle, but this can change depending on style choice and shoe wear, in the theme with statements above. With longer inseams, or the measurement from the crotch seam down the inner leg to the hem, taller shoes can be worn to elongate the figure. If a shorter inseam is the style you’re looking for, a top online tailor is the specialist to contact- this is the perfect solution to raise a jean hem to any length for a woman looking for convenient alterations.

Put those jeans on and take notice of the following details to make sure your jeans are comfortable and sleek!

First Important Detail of Women’s Jeans: Zipper and Button

Most, if not all, jeans have a strip of fabric that covers the zipper- if the zipper is visible, this is a telltale sign that your pants are too tight and probably very uncomfortable at that. This also looks like tugging in the crotch area. Too much room in the crotch can be just as uncomfortable, stylistically, and may result in unwanted fabric bunching when sitting or even standing. If this is undesirable, your jeans may be a little too big for your hips.

If you get the urge to unbutton your pants when you sit down (besides after your Thanksgiving feast perhaps ;p) then this is a sure way to decide your jeans are too small for your waist. Do note that your jeans ideally would not need a belt to stay up and are just nice accessories to elevate an outfit. If you need a belt when wearing your jeans, they may not fit properly which might even result in having to cinch the waistband. If you have this much extra room in your waist, fear not! A top online tailor for jeans can definitely help you make your jeans fit better with a simple dart (or two!).

Second Important Detail for Women’s Jeans: Back Pocket Placement and Sizing

The back pockets can tell a lot about the fit of your jeans. For that perfect, most flattering fit, pockets would ideally fall pretty much on the center of your cheeks, covering most of them. In theory they would leave a nice “border of cheek;” in other words your pockets should be on your cheeks but not extending past your curve, such as creeping up to your lower back, or down to your upper thigh. 

Another detail to observe is how large your pockets are. If you have a lot of “junk in the trunk” larger pockets would be more flattering than smaller ones. The opposite is true if you have a more slender backside. Okay, enough booty talk for one section! 

Third Important Detail for Women’s Jeans: Thigh and Calf Movement

With the different stretches in jeans, from jeggings to stiffer denim, it is pretty much possible to have movement in jeans no matter how skinny the cut. So, no matter what your style preference is, the ability to move your legs in your jeans is definitely more about comfort. You can very easily test this by simply doing some simple movements while wearing the jeans in question.

To test the thighs, all you have to do is sit down or climb a flight of stairs without feeling like your jeans will tear. In order to make sure the calves fit properly, slow motion butt-kicks are the telltale movement- just slowly bend your knee, raising your heel toward your butt. If either of these movements are uncomfortable or restricted, it’s a good sign to go up a size. 

Fourth Important Detail for Women’s Jeans: Length

As alluded to above, the length of women’s jeans can vary quite a bit and still be socially acceptable. That being said, one sustainable fashion mistake you’ll want to avoid is the hem of your jeans dragging on the ground. This not only can ruin the bottom of your jeans, but can also make your outfit look sloppy.

To steer clear of this, make sure jeans that are longer than your legs are always worn with appropriate heeled shoes to make up this height difference. Raising a hem is also one of the most common alterations done to jeans, so top online tailors will make sure your jeans hit exactly where you want them and keep them looking fresh. Online tailors for jeans can even keep any distressing or detailed hem if this is something you’d like.

Again, keep in mind that the best jeans are comfortable jeans when it comes to fitting your body and your style. This way you can enjoy your jeans for years to come!

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