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We always say the most sustainable fashion tip there is loving the clothes you have. So let’s talk about your favorite pair of jeans. A good pair of denim is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe- the best pair of jeans to look for are comfy, versatile, and fit you like a glove. The ultimate goal of sustainable fashion is still to look great and feel your best, while trying to be more mindful of the fashion industry’s impact along the way. We’re not here to sacrifice style!

A quality pair of jeans can give you a lifetime of comfortable, easy, and fashionable outfits. Brands like Levi Strauss, Everlane, and Madewell offer a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles while producing consistently well-made products. Garments that are constructed well allows for tailors to make quality alterations and repair clothing easier. Local or top online tailors revolutionize the fashion industry by maintaining our wardrobes. 

Though jeans are generally made from natural fibers, the production process is often resource intensive. A person drinks about 7,500 liters of water in 7 years; this is the same amount of H₂O is takes to make 1 pair of jeans. I think I'll stick my old denim bootcuts! Does anybody really enjoy shopping for jeans anyway? 

Avoid the cramped fitting rooms and the “jeans wiggle” on repeat… check out these tips for styling your favorite pair of denim instead!

First Way to Style Jeans: Keep It Simple

Make those worn in jeans even more comfy by adding your favorite t-shirt and sneakers. From the grocery store to exploring a new town, let this be your go to outfit. Small, shiny accessories like stud earrings or a chain necklace can balance the relaxed look enough to make you feel put together. Backpacks, hats, and sunglasses blend easily and add practicality to your look. 


Second Way to Style Jeans: Girls/Guys Night Out

For a night spent letting loose with your besties, your outfit must be both comfortable and stylish. Jeans are a great foundation to build a look that allows you to enjoy your night. Flowy tops with extra room to move compliment stretchy, slimmer jeans in both style and comfort. This is also the perfect atmosphere to experiment with accessories. You could even try a bold lipstick or a unique scent!

Third Way to Style Jeans: (Not So) Casual Fridays

Who says casual Fridays have to be boring? Simply replacing your M-Th dress pants with jeans adds the level of comfort we need on a Friday. To retain that “Own-the-Office” feeling, keep the normal blazer, blouses, heels, and loafers. Watches, belts, and socks can dress this look up even more for presentations or meetings.

Fourth Way to Style Jeans: Date Night

Whether it’s a first date or a night away from the kids, jeans are the casual and cute go-to option. If your date is surprising you and you’re not sure of the activities, jeans can easily be dressed up or down very simply. Throw an extra pair of shoes or top in your bag and you’re ready for any adventure!

Fifth Way to Style Jeans: Show Off Your Personality

As alluded to in this post, the best aspect of a pair of jeans, by far, is its neutrality. Across cut and wash, denim has made its way as a “neutral” in the fashion world. Jeans are a stark white canvas, waiting to be jazzed up. Why not show off a bold, quirky side? Try mixing patterns and colors. Or maybe some ruffles or silk? Simple jeans can have a nonsensical way of balancing even the loudest top and shoe combo.

Jeans can be lifelong friends if given the proper care and attention. A couple quality pairs of denim are definitely staples in any sustainable wardrobe. With a little assistance from top online tailors or your own sewing machine, jeans stand the test of time and create thousands of fashionable outfits!


All outfit layouts created using: URSTYLE

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