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The holiday season is here and the kick-off, Thanksgiving, is but a few short weeks away. Unlike last year, most of us are looking forward to larger gatherings of friends and family to celebrate with!

If you’re to host one of these intimate parties, your home will be expecting a little more TLC than last year’s quarantined celebrations. This can become even more pressing if you are inviting people to stay in your home for any length of time. Making sure your home textiles look fresh and brand-new should not have to be a stressful component when you are already busy with cooking, cleaning, and coordinating. This is where an online tailoring service can help...

Loose threads, holes and tears, and even reattaching decorative portions of textiles (beading, embroidery, etc.) can be left to the hands of a local or a top online tailor. When in need, 5-star tailoring services, like Tad More Tailoring, even offer dry cleaning, pressing, and monogramming services as well so your textiles are ready to go as soon as you receive or pick them up from the shop. 

Here are 5 categories of home textiles you should consider bringing to your local tailor or sending into a top online tailor to make sure your home is ready for this holiday season!

First Home Textile to Prepare: Curtains

Window dressings can sometimes be forgotten in the preparation of our homes for the arrival of company. This is because curtains are not often something we necessarily change from season to season and often fall into the background noise of our home decor. However, upon closer inspection, we might see that our curtains could use some reviving! Being that they are always up and out in the open, curtains have a tendency to accumulate small snags, tears, or even stains. 

When you bring it to a 5-star recommended tailor, we frequently find that they offer a full service experience. For example, Tad More Tailoring not only offers alteration services in-store and online, but also dry cleaning and pressing services as well. This means that as soon as you get your curtains back, they are ready to be hung and seen by guests.

Second Home Textile to Prepare: Tableware 

Make sure you have the perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years table this year! A festive table runner is the perfect backdrop for a mouth-water spread whereas placemats and napkins are essential for a remarkable, easy, and hygienic dining experience. Check your holiday style textiles for any holes that need mending as well as any unraveled hems or seams. Sometimes there is additional “bling” sewn onto these enhancing table textiles. Make sure they are all secure and even if they are all present. If some of the beads or sequins are missing, an online tailor for beading can help hand-sew these embellishments back on! Just make sure you send some spares or contact your tailor about extra ornamentations they may have on hand.

Third Home Textile to Prepare: Bedding

If your guests are staying overnight or for an extended period of time, it will be important to make sure their sleeping arrangements are comfortable and put together. This could mean mending loose hems on any article of a sheet set, repairing the embroidery on a comforter, fixing a torn blanket, or making sure throw pillows have all of their appropriate decorum secured. A top online tailor for home textiles will be able to help you with all of these alterations.

Fourth Home Textile to Prepare: Kitchen Textiles

The kitchen is definitely the number one place you don’t want your textiles to fail you. Whether it’s repairing the seam of a potholder or reinforcing the strings of an apron, a top local or online tailor can make sure mishaps involving faulty kitchen textiles are avoided. No one wants a burn on their finger or red sauce splashed on their carefully put together holiday outfit! Other kitchen textiles to check for any needed repairs include items like holiday tea towels and fabric trivets for a cheerful cooking and baking experience.

Fifth Home Textile to Prepare: Masks (insert eyeroll here)

Though we don’t like to admit it, the Covid-19 pandemic is still going on. Despite our best wishful thinking, masks may still be a good idea if we are dining with more vulnerable family members or friends. This can include but is not limited to grandparents, those with chronic illnesses, or those who are pregnant. It’s definitely a topic we are all getting sick of talking about, but why not be safe rather than sorry?

So mend holes, get new elastic, or even get a fun holiday mask custom made. Bring a fun, holiday patterned fabric into a tailoring shop or send it in through an online alteration program such as the one offered by Tad More Tailoring. This will ensure everyone has a festive and healthy holiday season!

Enjoy the company of your friends and family this season and let top-rated tailors take care of your home textiles. Happy Holidays everyone!

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