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You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for fall this year. In fact, you can still utilize your summer wardrobe pieces for fall by wearing them differently! Remember, you don’t have to switch from summer to fall over night! By gradually incorporating different colors and garments, you will have a seamless wardrobe change for the new season! 

Falling for hue

Ease into the season with earthy fall colors like dark blues, burgundies, oranges, golds, and browns. You can wear a lighter blouse with a brown cardigan or blazer for a dash of warmth. While the temperature is still adjusting to the season, look for summery clothes in fall colors! A cute babydoll dress in a golden shade is perfect for early autumn months because it is light enough for warmer days but can easily be layered! 

Know thy layers

You don’t have to part with your favorite tank top or t-shirt just because fall is approaching! Throw a cardigan or flannel button-down over your summer tops to keep warm on cool days. Put a long sleeved shirt underneath a sleeveless dress and add some tights for extra warmth. If you’re a working professional, put a blazer over your favorite fitted t-shirt! 

Make a mend

Look over your sweaters and jeans to see if they need any mending. Sweaters made with heavy duty fabrics like tweed or wool don’t need to be ready to wear until later in the fall season. You can send in your fall items that need mending to an online tailor for a quick turnaround time and hassle-free process! 

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