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Nothing boosts confidence quite like well-fitting clothes. Whether you’re a full-time professional or a student, you feel good when you look good! One way you can feel even better in your clothes is by getting them tapered! If you are looking for a sleek and clean look, keep reading to learn more about this awesome alteration! 

What are tapers? 

A taper is an alteration that “tightens up” an area of clothing that is too wide. It adds a slimming effect to the garment. Although tapers can be done on a variety of garments from shirt sleeves to dress skirts, they are most common among dress pants and jeans. Getting dress pants or jeans tapered will have the fabric gently narrow towards the ankle as opposed to excess fabric pooling around the legs and ankles. 

Pant tapers

A clean look for your pants can be achieved with a couple options: a half leg taper or full leg taper. Half leg tapers are recommended for pants that fit well around the thigh. A full-leg taper is a sound solution for pants that are too baggy throughout the leg. 

Regardless of the taper type, your pants will get a clean, slimming look. For suit pants and trousers, a taper will make them look more professional by elongating the leg. Tapering your jeans will have them looking chic and modern for a fashion-forward piece, perfect for your capsule wardrobe! 

Top tapers

You can get your tops tapered too! T-shirts, dress shirts, blouses, and suit jackets can be tapered for a better fit. If you have a dress shirt that is too baggy in the sides and sleeves, a taper will take in the shirt through the body and sleeves for a sleek look. For suit jackets, wide sleeves can be tapered along the back seam, which will have you looking sharp. 

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