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Halloween is only a day away. If you plan on dressing yourself or your family up to celebrate this spooky holiday, but still need some last minute Halloween costume ideas this article is for you! Just because it is last minute, does not mean that it can’t be sustainable too! One useful tip on keeping Halloween costumes sustainable is to avoid buying anything new. That means checking the things you own first to see if your wardrobe, household items, and old costumes can be of any use to you while making this year’s costume. Keep in mind that you can also borrow, trade, sew something, collect things from nature, or buy something second hand to complete your Halloween look. 

The best thing about a sustainable costume is that they are often so creative. Everyone can appreciate the cleverness of a simple but humorous costume or the familiarity of a pop culture image. Because you strive to use what you own already, sustainable Halloween costumes are also inexpensive, sometimes even free. Check out these 9 super simple Halloween costumes that you may be able to find last minute in your own closet! 


Where’s Waldo/ Carmen Sandiego

Whether you have a partner or friend to dress up with or you want to be one of these evasive characters all on your own, the attire for either outfit is very simple. A striped shirt, stocking hat, and jeans for Waldo and a fedora and trench coat for Carmen is really all you need! Adding an old map gives others context clues so there’s no mistaking these classic 80s characters.


Mother Nature

There’s nothing more sustainable than dressing up as Mother Nature for a last minute Halloween costume! Wear earthy tones from your own wardrobe. Decorate your clothes or make a crown and scepter out of leaves, twigs, flowers, and other elements from nature. The most sustainable part comes after Halloween when you can return the materials you used for this costume back to the outdoors!


Bernie Sanders Meme

Everyone remembers what a vibe Bernie Sanders was at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration. If this is your vibe because you have to take your kids trick-or-treating in chilly temperatures or your friends are dragging you to a party then this last minute Halloween costume is for you! Don your warmest jacket, patterned mittens, and a mask for the base of this outfit. To really commit to this costume, find a chair, sit down, and cross your arms. Voilá! 


Lydia Deetz/ Wednesday Adams

Anybody else think Lydia Deetz (‘Beetlejuice’) and Wednesday Addams (‘The Addams Family’) should be best friends? If you and your bestie have enough black dresses to go around, plan this coordinated last minute Halloween costume to be the creepiest cuties at the party. 


The Price is Right Contestant

Potentially the easiest last minute Halloween costume on the list, the only materials you need to be transformed into a Price is Right contestant is yellow construction paper and an animated attitude. Cut the paper into the famous oversized price tag shape, add your name, and start jumping like the announcer just called you to “come on down!” 


When Life Gives You Lemons…

This comical costume costs about as much as a basket of lemons. Add a name tag reading “Life” atop a yellow dress and hand out lemons to coworkers, classmates, and trick-or-treaters so everyone can make lemonade! 


Jack and Wendy Torrence

For a less wholesome couples costume than our first idea, the couple from ‘The Shining’ is the perfect costume for a scary Halloween atmosphere. Again, most of the components of these costumes are probably somewhere in your wardrobe. A quick Google for reference would be helpful but think turtlenecks, layers, and gingham button downs.  


Work From Home Employee

One of the biggest pop culture shifts that happened during 2020 was that more and more people had the opportunity to work from home. Some employees thought this would mean impeccable routines or clean homes but really it just meant pajama pants all day. Put on your nicest work blouse but keep it casual with your coziest pj pants for this hilarious costume. 


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ever since her passing in 2020, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s image has reached icon status. This costume is perfect for that black graduation robe that you only wore for 2 hours and have no idea what to do with. A repurposed doily would serve well as RBG’s iconic collar and black tights and heels will make you stand tall and proud just like the former Supreme Court Justice herself. 

Just because you get invited to a last minute Halloween event doesn’t mean you have to buy a random, unsustainable, picked over costume for a box store. With a little imagination and creativity with the resources you already have, you’ll save money and the planet putting together a sustainable last minute Halloween costume in no time!

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