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With the holidays right around the corner, it is understandable that we want our houses in tip top shape. This can be especially true if you enjoy hosting parties for your family and friends. Even so, it is also nice to have your home put together while you snuggle up on the couch during the chilly Autumn and Winter evenings. Check out these 4 super simple fixes for your home decor that will have your home ready to celebrate and make a lifetime of memories.


1. Hem

Do you think raising hems are just for pants, jeans, and dresses? Think again! The hem length of your home linens matters too. No one wants curtains that drag on the ground and are in danger of getting sucked up by the vacuum or a tablecloth that rests too much in your guests’ laps.

The process of hemming is very simple. Essentially a tailor takes material out of the fabric in order to make the finished hem shorter so remember that tailoring is great for making a hem shorter and not often great for making a hem longer. Also, since this isn’t an item that you can try on and have a seamstress pin for you, make sure you measure or pin these fabrics at home, where they are used, i.e. curtains hanging on the window or a tablecloth on the table.  

Since you may have to pin at home anyway, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Tad More Tailoring’s online alterations service. Just go to the TMT website and order your alterations. Tad More will send you a prepaid shipping label to send pinned items to their store in Rockford, IL. 

Next, get excited in anticipation because your clothes are going to fit you like a glove! Top tailors will alter your items and have them back in the mail within 5 days. It really is that simple and that speedy. Many in-person tailors can’t even guarantee such fast turnarounds on alterations! 


2. Mend

Though mending is a relatively simple fix for a tailor, the result is major. There are a couple different ways to mend holes and tears depending on where they occur in the material. If the rip is on a seam, it is possible to easily blend the new thread in with the old. If the hole happens to be in the middle of the fabric, the repair is a little more noticeable. In this scenario a tailor may use either a patch or a darning technique which essentially creates a patch with just a needle and thread. Though a darn or patch is more obvious, it is still less so than a hole in your favorite blanket or pillowcase!

Make sure to check any item that has beading like decorative pillows and bedspreads. Also, look through your guest linens including towels and sheet sets so everything is ready if you have any last minute company. 


3. Upcycle

Perhaps you have some old sentimental blankets, comforters, or bedspreads that are hanging on to their last seam, but you just can’t seem to get rid of them. Why not turn these into an entirely new quilt! Salvage fabric squares from each blanket and then sew them or get them sewn together. 

This can even work with old clothing destined to be donated, sentimental t-shirts, and baby clothing and blankets. In fact you could make much more than quilts with clothing; tea towels, placemats or pillowcases are also interesting options to think about. Tad More Tailoring is a great place for all your custom alterations needs. Fill out the electronic form on their website to start the process; be sure to add as much detail as you can including pictures if you can!


4. Dry Clean

Among all the simple fixes, dry cleaning makes the most unexpected difference in improving the look and feel to a home. When we see the same environment day after day, sometimes we don’t realize when curtains, tablecloths, and pillowcases start to get dingy. Getting your items professionally cleaned is the best way to get rid of unruly stains while maintaining your decors’ details. For example, if you have placemats that have a stain but also have intricate embroidery, a dry cleaner knows exactly how to treat the stain without ruining the details of your fabric. 

Your table linens are probably the most prone to stains so make sure you look over your tablecloths, placemats, and cloth napkins well. Small rugs from high traffic areas in your home also may need some dry cleaning love. Tad More Tailoring also offers dry cleaning services so you can enjoy the convenience of having your home items fixed and cleaned in one stop

Tad More Tailoring is here for you as a one stop shop for your textiles including your home decor and linens. Whether it’s alterations, mending, and dry cleaning. It’s never been more simple to keep your home looking great. 

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