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Halloween is a fun holiday where you can dress up as something creative, something spooky, or something trendy. However, store-bought costumes are a big source of waste as we often wear them only once and then discard them. This is doubly wasteful in terms of both finances and the landfill. 

Of course Halloween can still be celebrated in all its sugary, wicked glory. A sustainable solution to this conundrum is to use what you already have! This can also make finding a last minute costume insanely easy. We all have dormant Halloween costumes all around our houses waiting to be thrown together. 

Even a local tailor near you can lend a hand if you’re really in a pinch. There may be a rush fee involved, but a tailor or seamstress can help you assemble your materials in a snap! If you’re a sustainability warrior that needs a quick Halloween costume, check out these easy costume ideas that can be rallied if you’re short on time!

First Easy and Sustainable Halloween Costume: Smarty Pants

When you want to work smarter and not harder, just grab some of these rolled candies from the store or candy dish and your comfiest pair of pants! Simple scotch tape should do the trick to attach these little treats to your favorite sweatpants, leggings, or jeans and you're off to your party. Bonus: snack on these little confections if the candy bowl runs dry!

Second Easy and Sustainable Halloween Costume: Breadwinner 

Chances are you or your kids have some old medals or trophies laying around or stowed away in your basement. Restore the glory there was when these awards were received and become the winner once more- the breadwinner in this case! String those medallions around your neck, pump that trophy in the air and grab a yummy loaf of bread to complete your ensemble. Bonus points for jerseys, tube socks, and/or sweatbands. 

Third Easy and Sustainable Halloween Costume: Cactus

Green clothing, neutral colored yarn, and some colorful construction paper or tissue paper are the simple ingredients for this prickly plant costume. Simply cut short strands of yarn and knot them in the middle- attach these little “spikes” to your green duds with some simple stitches. If you have the time to spare, a top online tailor or local tailor can help with this! To top off the look, an attached colorful paper flower will make this costume bloom!

Fourth Easy and Sustainable Halloween Costume: Skeleton

A skeleton costume is voted as one of the comfiest because it involves a fall favorite: layers! Gather an old white shirt or sweatshirt that you wouldn’t mind cutting up. Simply cut rounded horizontal slices on the front of the shirt to create rib and sternum-like white “bones.” Layering a black shirt or tank underneath in contrast is essential. Paper organs, like a simple heart, attached with tape between the layers can give an even more effective skeletal feel. Black and white face makeup ties this easy Halloween costume together!

Fifth easy and Sustainable Halloween Costume: Pineapple

This is potentially the easiest Halloween costume of the bunch! A yellow tee is the key to this sweet disguise. A green, spiky crown made of construction paper attached to an old headband completes this fruity ensemble.

Sixth Easy and Sustainable Halloween Costume: Beanie Baby

Beanie Babies are a 90s classic that can be brought back to life, and on a big scale, this Halloween! All you need is some plush clothing, animal ears from Halloween’s past, and some construction paper. Pick your favorite fuzzy friend, perhaps Brownie the Bear, Spot the Dog, or Hoppity the Rabbit, and recreate that famous Ty red heart tag. This nostalgic costume is an easy Halloween costume that will be a party favorite!

Seventh Easy and Sustainable Halloween Costume: Outfit Repeater

This last sustainable Halloween costume idea is a favorite of top online tailors and sustainability warriors alike! Do you have a favorite outfit that you have multiple pictures of you wearing? Maybe an old Homecoming or wedding guest look that you absolutely loved, or even just an old Halloween costume? Break that look out again this year and be an outfit repeater! Just make sure you bring that old picture of the outfit with you for the desired effect and show off your sustainable wardrobe. 

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