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Coco Chanel, the icon of women’s classic style, once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”  Dressing for work or to attend a social obligation can be stressful.  Women tend to have more societal rules and expectations to adhere to when deciding what to wear. Selecting what to wear should not be a difficult task. You can achieve classy and fabulous by selecting high quality well fitting classic pieces of clothing.  

Women’s Classic Style Tip 1:

Dressing professionally is a visual image of success to your boss and clientele.  By dressing well, you build trust and credibility.  A successful wardrobe consists of classic pieces which should be of high quality to last a lifetime. By sticking with the classics, you will not need to fret over buying new outfits every season. Well fitting black pants that are properly hemmed are a must have for every woman, they never go out of style.  

Women’s Classic Style Tip 2:

Classic pieces will save you time and money as well. Take your time as you stock your closet with selected clothing. By purchasing high quality classic pieces you can focus on what is most important in your life and not worry about what to wear. Add solid colored blazers that you can easily mix and match, red blazers are always attractive and classic power statements. Be sure the blazers fit properly, always hem the sleeves to the correct length. 

Women’s Classic Style Tip 3:

Shirts and blouses are integral to any stylish wardrobe. Start with a fitted white button up shirt.  It is a versatile piece because you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Another great piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe is a good quality black v-neck t-shirt. It can complement  a pair of jeans, dress, pants, and skirts! Another key top is one with a bold print, big polka dots, chevron, or a geometric pattern. Paired with black pants and a great fitting blazer this creates a timeless and easy elegant look. 

Women’s Classic Style Tip 4:

Skirts with a great fit can be flattering and fun to wear. Pencil skirts are a good choice because they naturally will look good on almost everyone. Long flowy skirts are luxurious and comfortable for long days at the office. Hem your skirt to the proper length for the most impact. Then pair your skirt with a classic top for a more attractive yet assertive look. 

Women’s Classic Style Tip 5:

A little black dress is vital in your closet because it states sophistication and shows confidence in your abilities. Easily go from the office to a party by wearing your LBD with a bright colored blazer in the morning. Then transform into a lavish evening look by taking off your blazer and sporting a big statement bracelet and heels in seconds.  

Women’s Classic Style Tip 6:

Accessories are a must because they can accentuate an outfit.  If your tops are solid color, your scarves can be of print. Only where one piece of clothing that has print, all other pieces must be complimenting colors.  Jewelry is another great addition.  Go for a statement necklace, a chunky bracelet or a gold ring. Adding one piece of visible jewelry is an easy way to dress up most outfits.   

Investing in these women’s classic style pieces is an easy way to illuminate confidence and elegance. Be sure your clothing is properly hemmed and altered to fit you, it is the finishing touch for any wardrobe. With the right classic pieces and proper fit you will always be the best dressed in the room.
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