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Women's Suit Jacket Alterations


Prices are subject to change.
For questions, please call us at (779) 423-1234.


Tad More Tailoring provides a range of services. Below is the list of services provided for this product:

  • Hem Jacket - Shorten suit jacket length
  • Repair Jacket Lining (Email for price quote)
  • Repair lining
  • Repair Jacket Pocket - Repair pocket
  • Replace or move jacket buttons (price is per button. Please supply any new buttons to be used)
  • Replace Jacket Lining (Email for a price quote)
  • Replace lining Shorten Jacket Sleeves - Shorten jacket sleeve at wrist
  • Shorten Sleeves - Shorten jacket sleeve at the shoulder (*for any sleeve shortening that exceeds one inch.)
  • Take in Jacket Sides - Take in sides (*a maximum of ONE INCH per seam, otherwise the fit of the jacket will become distorted and any pocket details on the front will shift towards the back sides)
  • Taper Jacket Sleeves - Taper sleeves