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It’s been proven that wearing professional clothing that fits you well increases confidence in the workplace. In an office setting, a place traditionally dominated by men, confidence becomes imperative as more women enter, succeed, and advance in these environments. With all the different body types there are among humans, it can be difficult to find dress pants that fit perfectly off the rack. Almost always it is necessary to visit a local tailor or send garments to a top online tailor in order to achieve that perfect fit for dress pants. 

When buying dress pants, look for certain aspects that speak to your style as these are often things that a tailor cannot change. Color, patterns, and style (flare vs. straight leg/ high-rise vs. mid-rise are two examples) are personal choices that can affect how the pants look on your body. Other key initiatives to take when striving for the perfect fit for dress pants are to always try the trousers on if you can and to inspect them for extra fabric in the seams. Both of these will give you an idea of how much tailoring you’d like to have done to the pants as well as what alterations are possible.

Keep in mind that it is easier for a tailor to remove fabric (make a garment smaller) than it is to insert fabric (make a garment larger). For this reason, if you are between pant sizes, the perfect fit can be achieved easier if you size up. For more information on tailoring trousers, slacks, and dress pants, be on the lookout for Tad More’s guide on How To Buy a Suit on Here are four aspects to women’s dress pants to determine if they are the right fit for you!

First Detail for the Perfect Fit for Women’s Dress Pants: Waistband 

When checking the waistband of dress pants, no more than two “stacked” fingers should fit comfortably in the waist. To determine how much room you may need in your waist, think of your natural cycles. For example, if you are prone to bloating during certain phases of your menses, look for a little more give in the waist. The goal is to have dress pants that fit comfortably all the time and do not suddenly become too tight during certain parts of the month.


Second Detail for the Perfect Fit for Women’s Dress Pants: Seat

A problem that many women have with the seat of dress pants is the presence of pantylines. Though these lines could be a consequence of cheap material, more often this alludes to dress pants that are too tight in the rear. Look for trousers that fit looser but do not have excessive amounts of material sagging in the seat or at the top of the thighs.  


Third Detail for the Perfect Fit for Women’s Dress Pants: Crotch

The crotch of women’s dress pants should not pucker or tug; this would indicate that the pants are too tight. Oppositely, there should not be too much material in the front panel either. This can often be discovered when sitting; if the fabric in the crotch is billowing then the dress pants are too large. 

Fourth Detail for the Perfect Fit for Women’s Dress Pants: Length

To determine how short your dress pants should be, first notice the style of your dress pants. For wider legged trousers, more length and a slight break looks better. For straight-legged or skinny dress pants, it is often better to have shorter lengths which often results in no break or even a negative break. Check out this article for more details on what a pants break is. 

Steer clear of bunching or dragging of fabric at the hem to keep things clean and professional. Lastly, keep in mind what shoes you wear to the office; when sending pants to an online tailor for dress pants, make sure you mark the pants while wearing the most common shoe or even a variety of shoe types in order to mark the length you need.

BONUS TIP: Skirts are always an option! Pencil skirts follow similar rules in terms of tightness in waist, seat, and crotch, but be weary of length! Strive for at least knee length for modest coverage in the workplace. Flowy skirts, such as circle or pleated, can be even more comfortable while staying chic when matched with a nice blouse. These can often easily be found in longer lengths so usually there is no need to worry about the length!

With these tips you’ll surely have the confidence to own any meeting or boardroom.

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