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Some people love going to their local tailoring shop. Visiting a seamstress or a tailor often gives a sense of luxury; there’s no place quite like it that focuses solely on you, how you look, and how that affects your confidence when you walk out with your perfectly-fitting outfit.

Though this can be a treat for some people, for others view it as a necessary yet time-consuming chore that can sometimes get repeatedly pushed off. With all the driving back and forth between the actual appointment(s) and picking tailored clothes up, maintaining an impeccable wardrobe can be more exhausting than it looks. This doesn’t even include dry cleaning, shopping, and trying on different sized clothing.

With so many new technologies, there are more options than Googling “tailor near me” and choosing from what pops up. With many local tailors closing during the pandemic, this option may not even produce a quality tailor near you. This is where an online tailoring service can come in handy while still giving you a similarly luxurious experience of visiting a tailor.

Mail-in tailoring is a relatively new technology that makes looking great easier than ever. Now you can get quality alterations from a top online tailor from the comfort of your own home. Here are three reasons you never have to search “tailor near me” again!

First Reason You Don’t Need A “Tailor Near Me”: Pick Your Preferred Mode of Communication

With all the diverse ways to communicate your needs- emails, phone calls, zoom calls, Facetime- you’ll be able to tell the tailor exactly what you want. Most of us already communicate effectively daily with bosses, coworkers, and family members- online tailoring services like Tad More Tailoring, stick with your preference to connect, no matter what it is, so that your garments are returned to you fitting you perfectly.

Second Reason You Don’t Need A “Tailor Near Me”: Quality Alterations

Tad More Tailoring is one the the highest rated online tailors on the internet. The Google reviews alone showcase our intense focus on the details and stellar customer service. Here is one such review from Joseph R.:

“I can't rave enough about Tad More Tailoring. I have been using them for the past six months. Tad More has altered roughly twenty or more items for me and I have been extremely satisfied with each item… Pants that I would have donated or discarded are back in rotation thanks to their wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail.  If you are on the fence about mail-in alterations like I was months ago, give Tad More a chance. I promise that they won't disappoint.”

Some wonder about the quality of mail-in alterations because a tailor never physically sees people in the garments. However, with the help of measuring guides and videos, online tailoring services are just as effective as a “tailor near me.”

Third Reason You Don’t Need A “Tailor Near Me”: Convenience is Unmatched

Now you don’t have to wait in line, make an appointment, or take the time to change outfits in an unfamiliar dressing room. Take your time in the comfort of your home to really get a feel for how you want to look and feel in your garments. It’s low pressure and allows you to sort through your feelings without being heavily influenced so that you can achieve your perfect fit. 

Still know that your online tailor is just a phone call or zoom meeting away if you want a second opinion! Also, the turnaround time for Tad More Tailoring’s online alterations service is fast. Though a top online tailor cannot control the actual speed of postal delivery services, they can do everything they can in order to eliminate USPS mix-ups. The best of the best will send a priority mailing slip to your email as well as will send your garments back via priority mail. This, along with the 5-day turnaround time, makes mail-in alterations faster than a “tailor near me!”

Check out more about how online alterations work here. Get the convenience, quality, and luxury or a top online tailoring service today!

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