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In the age of information overload, the internet can either be a helpful tool or a black hole of contradictory facts. When researching for any decision this is true, but can be especially stressful when looking for services that are traditionally provided in a brick-and-mortar shop. One such service that is becoming more technologically advanced is that of a tailor. Online tailoring is a new trend that is seemingly here to stay- it’s sustainability, financially and environmentally, is unmatched. 

Still, choosing a top online tailor may prove to be difficult. Below are 4 of our best tips to keep in mind while researching online tailoring services. For more understanding of the process of online tailoring, read this article next!

Tip 1 for choosing an online tailor: check out their website

The website is the first impression of a company, especially any online retailer or servicer. Perhaps a website doesn’t always accurately reflect the quality of a product or service, but it does show genuineness for you, the customer. Websites are not the easiest project to put together. So when a web page is user friendly and well-constructed, it shows both an eye for details and great customer service.

When researching for a top online tailoring service, detail orientation and care for customers are among the top qualities to look for. To build a practical yet aesthetically pleasing website, business owners prove consideration for customers’ time restraints as well as pride in their services.

Tip 2 for choosing an online tailor: read reviews

To read some of the most honest information about a company, look no further than its online reviews. Some businesses include reviews and testimonials on their website, but reading Google reviews may be less curated and easier to access. Here are some tricks to remember when sorting through ratings.

One quick check is to compare the number of reviews to the number of stars. In theory, the higher the number of reviews matched with the top amount of stars, the better the service or product. This isn’t the most accurate reflection of every business, but it can be a helpful place to start. 

Other keywords to look for when sorting through reviews for an online tailor are terms like ‘professional,’ ‘quality,’ ‘fast,’ and ‘value.’ Also take the time to notice any replies to ratings, especially responses to negative reviews. This shows both responsiveness and concern for the customer!

Tip 3 for choosing an online tailor: contact them

Businesses most often have at least one contact option.  Many online tailors, especially those with local shops, will have a way that you can call or email them. If you are still deciding between multiple online tailoring services, get into contact with your finalists! A quick phone conversation or a couple of exchanged emails could be enough to decide if it is a good fit for you. Some online tailors even offer virtual consultations to provide optimal support. 

Ask questions about specific alterations, the process of using an online tailor, or details about the business in general. Direct communication can be very informative of both experience level and quality of service provided by the online tailor. 

Tip 4 for choosing an online tailor: social media

For the most visual representation of an online tailor, head over to their social media accounts. Social media is both continuous and curated. This means that businesses indefinitely and consistently add to their platforms. Simply, social accounts of online tailors like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will likely always be updated. Maintenance like this exudes professionalism and connection to customers.

As with online reviews, take notice of the online tailor’s responses to any comments. Also take note of the quality of pictures, before and after alterations posts, and if the online tailoring service has been tagged in any pictures!

Online tailors are a new innovation that provide quality, sustainable, and convenient alterations. Though a new concept, it does not have to be difficult to choose the best online tailor for you!

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