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The term online tailor may sound a bit intimidating and mysterious at first. Some questions may arise, such as how will my garments get measured correctly? and aren’t there extra expenses in shipping? But using an online tailoring service might be easier than you think!

Sewing garments has been around as long as humans have been. From the beginning, we’ve had the instinct to cover and keep ourselves warm. In more modern times, we humans care a little bit more about what we wear. Clothing in today’s society is not only worn for safety, but also to express who we are as individuals. The type of self-confidence this provides is a staple for positive mental health for many people.


This is why a tailor’s profession is so important. The life’s work of a tailor is to alter clothes to fit how a customer wants. This can ensure that we all can dress exactly how each of us are most comfortable. Read more in this article from RMRS on why tailored clothes are awesome. 

However, in the age of fast fashion, tailors are becoming more and more scarce. Less people are interested in getting clothing fixed when you can affordably buy a new garment altogether. But in terms of sustainability, financial and environmental, paying a tailor to mend the clothing you already own is a much healthier choice. This serves to be an issue: inaccessibility to tailors in communities that desperately need sustainable practices. 

Online tailoring services are here to fill that gap. No longer are office professionals or fashion moguls limited to visiting a tailor shop. Tad More Tailoring is a top online tailor in the US- read our three facts that will make your online tailoring experience as easy as possible.

  • The convenience of an online tailor is unmatched

  • The hustle and bustle of modern times doesn’t always make it easy to schedule a leisurely visit to the tailor shop. Depending on our geographical locations, some of us may not even have a tailor shop nearby as an option. 

    Using an online tailor is a great way to eliminate pressures of time and a busy schedule. Take your time going through your clothing to see what needs alterations and send them all in at the same time instead of multiple appointments. Online tailors will provide a prepaid packing slip and shipping label for your convenience! Additionally, top online tailors work with you until your garment is altered to your liking- even if this means the tailor paying for multiple rounds of shipping. That’s service!

  • Pinning your own garments for an online tailor is a breeze

  • Pinning your own garments may be the most intimidating portion of the online tailoring process. With Tad More Tailoring, we try to make it as simple as possible for you! During the process of ordering your online alterations, helpful videos explain how to prepare your clothing to be sent to the tailor. 

    If there are still questions, the team at Tad More would be happy to set up a Zoom meeting to guide you through the process “in person.” Additionally, having a trusted friend or family member to help you with your measurements is a great way to double check your numbers!

  • Top online tailors provide quality craftsmanship

  •  The most exciting part of online alterations is obviously getting your garments back in the mail. It’s pretty much a very affordable online shopping spree, with clothing you know you already love! Some don’t understand how an online tailor could accurately alter a garment that he or she has never seen on the customer before. This is part of the true craftsmanship that goes into tailoring. 

    Online tailors, especially top online tailors, have extensive knowledge of how garments are constructed. They are the final and most necessary checkpoint before your clothing is altered. If something seems “off” with the pinning of an item, the tailor will communicate and clarify before proceeding. This process nearly guarantees satisfaction with your freshly tailored garments. 

    Using an online tailoring service is a great combination of sustainability and convenience. It’s very affordable, in terms of both finances and time management. It’s easier than you think and the quality of service and craftsmanship are unmatched! Request your online alterations from a top online tailor today! 

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