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Since the beginning of the capsule wardrobe trend, women have been finding freedom in their wardrobes. Since a capsule wardrobe provides a very curated and limited number of items, the benefits are obvious. Less clothing means less time getting dressed, less money spent on clothes, and more space for storage. Less stress and worries? Count me in. 

A capsule wardrobe is also a defiant rebel against the fast fashion industry. Think places like H&M, Target, and Old Navy, that have rapidly changing clothing inventories. These are often impulsive options we choose in a pinch. As a whole, fast fashion is among the leaders in waste production and pollution of healthy water and air sources alike.

The perfect remedy for this is a  limited, thoughtful wardrobe. Sometimes though, the concept of something is nicer than the follow through. Going from a large wardrobe to a much smaller one is not the easiest feat. Interested in building your own capsule wardrobe? Check out these three tips that may ease the transition!


Simple Tip 1 for Building a Woman’s Capsule Wardrobe: Quality

Capsule wardrobes are all about quality. If you’re only going to own 30 or less items of clothing, they should all be long lasting. Women’s clothing, as sold by the fast fashion industry, is often flimsy. Make sure you’re looking for versatile, comfortable, and durable materials like cotton and linen. Quality materials also make your clothing easier to alter or repair- for a wardrobe that stands the test of time. 

Though quality items are often a little pricier, it will be an investment rather than a loss. Imagine splurging on that cotton tee that is quality, comfy, and hugs in all the right places. Now imagine spending the same amount on multiple tees that are flimsy and won’t keep their shapes. Look to see what you already have. If you feel like shopping is in order, do some research before you buy to decide which pieces are right for you.

Vetta is a sustainable brand where you can buy quality clothing in pre-set capsules. They also give great ideas on styling their pieces!

Simple Tip 2 for Building a Woman’s Capsule Wardrobe: Layers

Layering is a great way to expand a capsule wardrobe. It can feel monotonous sometimes, a small wardrobe. So, wearing certain, unexpected pieces together can add a new dimension to an outfit. Layering can also be helpful when trying to extend warm season pieces into colder seasons. 

Wearing a sweater over a dress instantly incorporates a “new skirt” into your wardrobe. Adding a dainty detailed tank over a t-shirt can take your look from basic to fashionable. Bring back layering a button-down with sweaters, cardigans, or sweatshirts for guaranteed classiness. 

Simple Tip 3 for Building a Woman’s Capsule Wardrobe: Customize

The simplest and most sustainable tip for building a woman’s capsule wardrobe is to love what you're wearing! Take some time to think about which outfits make you feel great, which ones feel like you. Try to avoid shopping until you have an idea. By discovering your personal style, it will be easier to pick pieces that fit in your wardrobe and with your lifestyle. This will help safeguard you from the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” scenario. 

Start with these questions as you’re discovering your personal style:

  1. Which color(s) do I like?
  2. Which colors look good on me?
  3. What are my go-to outfits and how do I feel in them?
  4. Which outfit has made me feel my best in the past?
  5. What clothing shapes and details do I like?

These are just a starting place. Once you’ve gotten closer to understanding your style, have some fun- capsule wardrobes aren’t only for tees and neutrals! Add in a fun colored dress or jacket. Pick jewelry, hats, or purses that speak to you in order to elevate an outfit. 

Building a capsule wardrobe is not the easiest task. It takes thoughtfulness and often some planning. In the end though, there is a reward of stress free, reliable fashion that benefits you and the planet!

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