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Here’s How Tad More Tailoring is Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

Fast fashion refers to the concept of expedient production of clothing to keep up with constantly emerging trends and the always-changing seasons. This type of business model is characterized by the detriments to the environment as well as fashion industry workers. Because fast fashion is based on using low-quality materials and cheap, fast labor, it is one of the worst industries in terms of environmental pollution, waste management, and worker rights. Unfortunately, it is also a difficult giant to fight due to the affordable pricing fast fashion tags are able to offer.  

Since the industrial revolution, companies have established deceitful tactics in order to maximize their profits. Fast fashion changes its inventory frequently, sometimes after only a couple weeks or even a couple days. To ensure sales, clothing is made to last a short amount of time so that they will need to be replaced. A study by a university in the UK reported that on average, a fast fashion item of clothing only last 10 wears. This strategy is called planned obsolescence and is the cause of excessive waste and pollution created by the fashion industry. 

Though inexpensive per item, fast fashion is often not as affordable as most of us tend to believe. According to McKinsey and Company, the average consumer bought 60% more clothing in 2014 than they did in 2000, but kept each item half the time. Reasons for the removal of the item were varied: the item ripped or tore; the item went out of style; or simply the item was considered disposable. This is a sneaky way the fast fashion industry actually gets us to pay them more money.

What does Tad More Tailoring do differently?

Extending the life of garments is the best thing we can do to reduce the fashion industry’s environmental impact on the planet. The simple act of taking care of the clothing we have. This includes washing and storing items correctly as well as mending and altering as time sees fit. Extending the life of your garments means that we seldom have to buy new ones, thus doing more to control emissions, waste, water consumption, and poor conditions for workers, all concerns that stand hand-in-hand with fast fashion. 

At Tad More Tailoring we know our customers are more than just customers. We are all in this together as sustainability warriors! Investing in a product that lasts over time and that can be mended is the best step towards minimizing our environmental footprint.  We have a simple but crucial message: wear and mend what you already own for as long as possible. In addition to environmental benefits, increasing the lifespan of your clothing and avoiding buying new is a vote for a more sustainable future for you, your family, and all those affected by negative effects of the fast fashion industry.  

Tad More Tailoring offers more…

By incorporating new technology within the fashion industry, Tad More Tailoring has made saving the environment easier than ever. Of course, everything that leaves our shop is of the highest quality sewing. This way your garments last as long as possible. We see clothing not as a disposable good, but as an investment that will save you money, time, and guilt. In addition to in-house alterations, we have developed our website to offer alterations across the United States. That’s right, pin your alterations at home, mail them to Tad More, and receive your newly tailored clothing back in a couple of weeks. Never has it been so easy to make sure your clothes fit and flatter your body properly. 

As you know by now, altering and repairing your clothes has a significant impact on your carbon footprint and now we offer this service in addition to being an eco-friendly alternative to buying new. This service also saves our customer’s time by allowing them to order all the alterations they need from the comfort of their own home. 

At Tad More, we collaborate with great designers across the USA, and consistently provide low minimum order quantities. This way we can try to produce only what is needed, while also allowing us to upcycle unsold garments. In addition to this, we use all the scrap fabrics we have laying around to create new and unique pieces, such as scrunchies and masks, that are for sale in our boutique. This way nothing goes to waste.

In conclusion: Tad More Tailoring is saving everyone

Altering and repairing clothing is convenient and helpful. Alterations save us money formerly spent on fast fashion. They are good for the environment as it reduces the waste and pollutants from the fashion industry. And overall, alterations at Tad More Tailoring is a vote against fast fashion and all it’s negative side effects.

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