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We all want to impress our friends and family this holiday season, especially after the quarantined holiday season we experienced last year. Styling the perfect Thanksgiving outfit can get overwhelming with the hundreds of different images we can find online.

It can get easier when we consider some key elements of how we celebrate our individual holiday feasts. Among the most important is what feels comfortable to you and your own personal style! You will most likely never feel comfortable in something that doesn’t really feel like “you.” This being said, follow your gut and your personal style and don’t worry what others have to say about how you choose to dress your body. A local or 5-star rated online tailor is also be valuable when making sure your clothing fits your body and style.

Other factors to consider are a little more objective, such as what the weather is forecasted to be and what kind of family traditions you partake in. Mother nature has a way of keeping us guessing on Thanksgiving day; sometimes it’s the perfect Autumn weather, but realistically the temperature can swing low or high. There are two ways to combat the fear of unpreparedness. First you can plan a layered outfit complete with tee, cardigan, and jacket, for example, for easy garment discarding in case temperatures soar or drop suddenly. The second option is admittedly more high-maintenance and calls for preparing multiple outfits to anticipate any type of weather.

In addition to attempting to predict the weather, try to think about what your family traditions are- do you generally sit and play card games for hours? Maybe your traditions include a classic touch football game or a walk in the neighborhood after you dine. Perhaps the main festivity is the big feast itself, complete with a charcuterie appetizer platter, a juicy turkey with all the sides for the main course, and plenty of pumpkin pie for dessert. Whatever the day calls for, there are definitely ways of dressing that will enhance your experience as well as outfits that could make the day long and uncomfortable.

Of course the most comfortable and fabulous outfits are the ones that fit your body and not the other way around. Top online tailors offer a convenient way to make sure your wardrobe is ready for the holiday season. Ultimately, a little thought and planning goes a long way in terms of comfort and style on “Turkey Day.” Check out these 10 outfits that will make you a Thanksgiving fashion icon no matter what your holiday looks like!

First Thanksgiving Outfit Idea: Skinnies and Oversized Cable Knits

This is a classic, comfy, and warm option- especially when your jeans have a little stretch in them to make room for all the good food!


Second Thanksgiving Outfit Idea:  Midi Dress and Booties

A dressier option, perfect for casual-cute first impressions if you’re the plus one at an S/O’s family dinner.


Third Thanksgiving Outfit Idea: Denim on Denim

Who doesn’t love a classic Canadian tuxedo? Modernize with a little bling and you can’t go wrong!


Fourth Thanksgiving Outfit Idea: Pencil Skirt and Duster 

A classy option for the hostess with the “mostest-” just make sure you wear an apron when bringing food out to the table. Check out last week’s post on the  TMT blog to make sure all your home textiles are ready for your company.


Fifth Thanksgiving Outfit Idea: Trousers and Lightweight Sweaters

Trousers are a sneaky type of pants that are generally very comfortable due to the extra room in the pant leg, yet they offer an outward appearance of put-togetherness that jeans or sweatpants just don’t offer. 



Sixth Thanksgiving Outfit Idea: Mini Dress and Thigh High Boots 

This is the perfect outfit to wear to a Friendsgiving or meeting up with old pals for drinks- you’ll no doubt feel confident to snap some pictures to capture the memories.


Seventh Thanksgiving Outfit Idea: Sweatpants and Denim Jacket

This outfit is for a Thanksgiving Day that is a little more casual or involves more athletic activities- forgoing the matching hoodie and replacing it with a denim jacket can add something special for the holiday season.


Eighth Thanksgiving Outfit Idea: High Waisted Jeans and Button Down

Another classic and simple outfit for the casual-cute fashionista.


Ninth Thanksgiving Outfit Idea: Wide Legged Pants and Vest

This is a “groovier” look for the thrift king or queen or for someone who is looking for something a little more unique this holiday season.


Tenth Thanksgiving Outfit Idea: Pleated Skirt and Blouse

Make it fancy with this duo and impress your fellow diners with this flowy yet comfortable look!

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