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Pant Alterations

Hem Pants $16.50
Hem with Cuff/Lining/Keep Original Jean Hem $38.50
Let Out Waistband $24.20
Take In Waistband $24.20
Taper Full Leg $33
Replace Pants Zipper $24.20
Replace Jean Zipper $30.20
Pants Into Shorts $24.20
Remove Pleats $132

Prices are subject to change.
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Pant Alterations

From simple hemming to elaborate pleat removal. Tad More is the tailor near you that can perform all your pant alteration needs. Alterations are simple and convenient with Tad More Tailoring’s mail-in alterations. Learn more about how our mail-in alterations save you time and money from the convenience of your home. Here is a short and sweet explanatory video. Remember our services are not limited to the list above. Always feel free to email with questions about different alterations or any other questions you may have. If you prefer, book a virtual fitting with one of our skilled seamstresses.


What are each of the alterations listed:

  • Hem Pants:

To hem pants means to shorten the length of your pants. Simply mark your pants with a safety pin to the desired length and Tad More Tailoring will do the rest. Here is a video showing you how to easily and correctly mark your pants for hemming.

  • Hem Pants with Cuff/Lining/Original Hem:

This is a good selection for hemming jeans, pants with a cuff, or pants that are lined. Jeans and some khaki pants are stonewashed giving them a rugged look. The stone washing is evident on the edge of the jean hem and at the edge of khaki pant hem. Instead of discarding the detail on the hem, at Tad More Tailoring we take extra care to hem jeans so the stone washing that gives your jeans or khaki pants their distinctive look is preserved. Once Tad More Tailoring hems your jeans, no one will be able to see a difference in the design, but now your jeans will fit you perfectly. 

Lined pants and pants with a cuff also require a bit more care so this is what you would want to select if you need your pants hemmed with a cuff or if your pants are lined. You can mark your pants for the length you want or just send us your desired inseam and Tad More Tailoring will to the rest.

  • Let Out Waistband

This is the process of making the waistband and seat of your pants bigger or looser. In order to accomplish this, there must be extra fabric left in the back of the pants so the seamstress or tailor can use that fabric to make the waist of your pants bigger. To check and see if there is extra fabric, look at the seat and waist of your pants from the inside. Is there extra fabric? If so, your pants can be let out. Most jeans and women’s pants do not have extra fabric. Men’s dress pants usually have an inch or two of extra fabric.

  • Take In Waistband

Taking in your waistband is the opposite of letting it out. With this alteration, your seamstress makes the pants smaller in the waist and seat. This is an alteration that can be performed on most pants. Taking in pants too much can result in the back pockets getting too close to each other. There are different ways to take in a waistband, one method used at Tad More Tailoring is to add two darts in the back. This method is used mainly on jeans since we cannot take apart the waistband and reconstruct it without disturbing the stonewash. 

Take in jean waistband at seamstress near me
  • Taper Pants

Taper pants means to gradually take in the pants along the seam to make them fit closer to the body. You can get your pants tapered from the knee down if they fit properly around the thigh. You can also get a full leg taper if you want the entire leg taken in. There is a long debate if pants should be tapered from the inseam vs outseam. At Tad More, we make that decision based on the construction of the pants. Taper dress pants, taper jeans, taper cargo pants, we can do it all. Click here to learn how to mark your pants for the tailor to taper before sending them to Tad More Tailoring.

  • Replace Zipper

Replace the zipper on your pants easily and give them a new life. Pop your pants in the mail and the Tad More Team will replace your zipper in an instant and get them back to you, hassle-free.

  • Pants into Shorts

Up-cycle your beloved pants into shorts and give them a whole new life. Put the pin in your pants to the desired length for the shorts and the team at Tad More will do the rest. Here is a video to show you how.