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With the shopping season wrapping up with Christmas, the piles of torn gift bags and paper on the floor speak louder than any jingle bells. In the so-called “season of giving”, it can be easy to undermine the negative effects of consumerism on society and the planet. Consumerism, no matter what we’re talking about buying, has one goal: to consume. And consume and consume and consume… Because that’s the thing with this world right? There’s always something new to buy!

Of all the avaricious industries, the fast fashion industry is extremely wasteful with our modern wardrobes behaving more like the revolving door into your favorite department store. This constant shopping sometimes feels necessary when the budget-friendly clothing we purchase is made to be worn a very small, limited amount of times. Industry giants like Zara, H&M, Shein, and Forever 21 sew this flimsy construction into the very DNA (the threads!) of your $7 tee. When our clothing is constantly tearing, becoming discolored, or losing its shape, it is difficult to break the cycle of buying “affordable” clothing all over again. 

But that’s the caveat of fast fashion; it may be cheap up front, but you may actually spend more over time if you’re constantly replacing items of clothing, like foundational tee shirts and jeans. Further, trendy clothing is also a common purchase at your favorite fast fashion stop. It’s difficult to find data on how long we keep our clothing before we throw it away or donate it to a local thrift shop, but by thinking about our own, average shopping habits, we may realize the true impact fast fashion has on the planet. Think about that dress you got specifically for your cousin’s wedding that you only wore once. Over 15 million tons of textile waste is generated in the United States alone every year. 

With so many textiles already existing on the planet, the Tad More Tailoring team and customers see the opportunity to improve the fashion industry. Starting tomorrow, January 1st 2023, TMT tailors and seamstresses will be partaking in the “No Buy” challenge for their wardrobes. This year let’s make a resolution to wear what we have! 

A “No Buy” year is how it sounds; the focus is on resetting consumerist tendencies by not buying certain things. Of course there are essentials that we have to buy- food, cleaning products, medicines, etc. A great tip to start this challenge is to make a list of all the items that you’ll be buying throughout the year to keep you focused on the goal. At Tad More, our focus is to eliminate textile waste specifically. That is why our No Buy challenge will focus on dressing from our closets in 2023 to avoid fast fashion and the waste from any textile production. Follow along on our social media to see interviews, read testimonials, and share your stories and tips about dressing from your closets! 

In the meantime, check out these fun ideas to use the textiles you have, and always remember you can reach out to TMT for all your alteration needs!


Make Sure It Fits

This is the most basic way to get more “wears” out of the clothes you already have! Sometimes we look over clothing in our closets because it simply doesn’t fit right! Make sure your pants and jacket sleeves are hemmed to the right length for you and that your button downs fit through the waist and arm. Check out all the different alterations offered at Tad More and don’t forget to take advantage of the very convenient TMT online alterations.


Halve It

Let’s revisit that dress from your cousin’s wedding- maybe it would look better as a top/skirt combo? This is easier with some dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits than it is for others, but it’s worth checking out your wardrobe and seeing what you can transform! Fill out a custom alterations form today to inquire about how Tad More Tailoring can help you with all your wardrobe updates.


Braid It

Old tees make great DIY braided rugs. Even more functional, if you have old towels that you can cut up and braid, they make great bathroom rugs that are extra absorbent for stepping out of the shower!


Cut It Up

If you have a lot of fabric scraps already or have some sentimental clothing that is a bit small, stained, or outdated (think baby clothes, event tees, wedding gear/attire, etc.) that you’re willing to cut up, a quilt is a way to preserve your memories without taking up space in your closet. It will even keep you warm on cold winter nights!


Embroider It

If you think about it, all of our clothing is a blank canvas for embroidery work! Make tiny details on the pockets of tees or jeans or make a bold statement with a whole embroidered collar. A monogram can also elevate a look instantly- get your button down monogrammed on the pocket, cuff, or collar for a fun personalized detail. Contact TMT to inquire about our monogramming services.

Eliminate textile wastes by altering, customizing, and enhancing your wardrobe. Now that sounds like a win-win! Join TMT in the “No Buy” challenge in 2023 by wearing what you have and looking fabulous all the same.

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