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High school and college graduation dates are right around the corner- have you decided what you’ll wear for the big day? So many photos will be taken of this huge achievement, whether you are the student or a parent of a student, you will want to be sure you look your best! Don’t put yourself if the position of regretting how you look in the outfit you chose to celebrate this big moment.

1: The first reason you should be thinking about your graduation outfit now is that the calendar is going to be packed with special events.

Prom, end-of-the-year awards ceremonies, Senior Recognition events, final exams, and more are all on the immediate horizon. The day will sneak up on you if you aren’t prepared! Why not check something off of your to-do list now and put your mind at ease knowing you have a plan to look and feel amazing when you (or your child) receive the recognition for so much hard work? You’ll be looking at photos from the day for years to come, take action now to make sure you smile every time you see those memories.

2: The second reason you should be thinking about your graduation outfit now is that you want to make sure it still fits correctly.

If you are wearing something you already own, take it out and try it on NOW in case cleaning and alterations are needed. It’s easy to forget that your best dress shirt or blouse lost a button the last time you wore it, or that after a busy spring sports season some alterations are necessary. Young people are notorious for their growth spurts. If you plan to wear a suit or even a shirt and dress pants, it’s time to pull them out of the closet and make sure they still fit. This is especially true if your graduation outfit was handed down from an older sibling. You want to be sure the waist and length are a good fit. Are alterations needed? Shirts and dresses should be checked for fit, functioning buttons or zippers, hem length (make sure it is in accordance with school dress code rules), and stains. Taking your outfit to Tad More Tailoring now will avoid the high stress of trying to squeeze in last-minute fittings, etc. Tad More Tailoring can even send your clothes to the dry cleaners after completing the alterations for a fresh cleaning and press. What could be more convenient?

3: The third reason you should be thinking about your graduation outfit now is that you want your new outfit to look custom fit to you.

Show the world that there’s no stopping you now! Getting your new outfit tailored to a custom fit will give you that polished look that says you are ready for whatever is next in life. Avoid last-minute surprises by trying the entire outfit on and taking care of issues like hem length, dress straps, taking in (or letting out) waistbands, etc. You want to look your best and small alterations to your graduation outfit can give you the comfort and confidence to do exactly that.

Tad More Tailoring is ready to make you the shining star of the day! Don’t wait to think about your graduation outfit until you have to make decisions based on time still available instead of the image you want to remember from completing this momentous occasion in your life. You’ve worked hard to get to this day, by giving it some priority now, you’ll be free to focus on all the celebration!

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