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Let me guess, you have found your forever person, and now you’re looking to find the perfect wedding gown that matches your chosen wedding theme for your big day? Oh, the jitters! 

Finding the ideal wedding gown for your chosen wedding theme can be such an exciting thing to do, however daunting it may be. With so many options to choose from, and so many styles right in front of you, how can you ever choose the one?

To help you navigate through the labyrinth of picking out the perfect wedding gown, we’ll walk you through this simple guide to make your gown picking experience smooth.

Define Your Wedding Theme

In the excitement of browsing through different wedding gowns at the bridal boutiques, you may forget to envision what your theme looks like. Don’t make that mistake. 

Before going out to pick your perfect wedding outfit, take some time to pick your choice of wedding theme. Depending on your selection of theme, that could range from a classic city soiree, a bohemian inspired garden nuptials, a beach affair, or even a rustic barn wedding. 

Types Of Wedding Themes

Let’s look at some of the famous wedding themes that you can pick from, and the ideal wedding gown that goes with them.

Classic City Soiree

For a chic urban affair, set in the heart of the city, a classic and minimalist gown is the way forward. You can make use of luxurious fabrics such as silk and satin to give yourself a sleek and sophisticated look.

Play around with dramatic trains, and pair it up with glamorous, form fitting silhouettes. For an added flair to your urban wedding gown, add alterations to enhance your look with sparkles, crystal accents, and beaded embroidery or embellishments.

Rustic Bohemian Affair

For the rustic countryside celebration, elegant gowns work the best. The idea is to create a relaxed appearance while maintaining the countryside charm, irrespective of whether your choice of venue is a ranch or vineyard. Some earthy tones will be good to add here. You can try and experiment with deeper hues like champagne, or go for lighter shades like blush or ivory for a classic bohemian look.

To keep your look understated yet effortlessly elegant, go for gowns that are inspired by flowy bohemian dresses. You can pick a gown with a relaxed silhouette and then tailor the wedding dress with delicate lace overlays.

Fun Beach Bash

Beach weddings are all about comfort and fun. To stay relaxed and avoid managing your wedding gown the entire time, go for a light and breezy beach wedding dress with a shorter hemline. The lesser the volume, the easier it’ll be to navigate the beachy affair.

Whether you’re buying a new gown or getting it ready from scratch, go for light fabrics such as cotton, silk, chiffon, and tulle. For the gown styles, you can try an off the shoulder look.

Magical Garden Nuptials

Garden weddings are ideal for brides who prefer a romantic ambiance in the heart of nature. To match the picturesque backdrop of lush blooms, try to pair your wedding gown with the florals that surround you.

A gown in soft colors or with a flowy silhouette in pastel hues would look wonderful in a natural setting. Select breezy fabrics like chiffon, tulle, or lace, in addition to embellishments like floral appliques, ribbons, or embroidered elements for the garment. You can add any embellishment of your choice to give a touch of personalisation to your wedding gown.

It’s A Wrap

Picking out the ideal wedding gown that matches your chosen wedding theme is an integral part of your wedding preparation and being a bride. While it may seem like a tough task to choose one gown, you can make the process of choosing simpler by identifying the requirements of your wedding theme and embracing the power of alterations. This will help you to create a perfect ensemble for your wedding that speaks to your personal style and preferences.

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