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A capsule wardrobe is a clothing collection composed of interchangeable pieces only. The goal of a capsule wardrobe is to have an outfit perfect for any setting without owning tons of clothing. When creating a capsule wardrobe, it is important to select high-quality, versatile items of clothing to coordinate with other pieces. Usually, capsule items are neutral-colored, classic pieces that never go out of style. Here are eight capsule wardrobe staples that will help you assemble a range of distinct looks!  

1. Denim

A key part of your wardrobe is denim. Look for styles such as skinny, straight or bootcut. Don’t be afraid to try on multiple styles to get an idea what the perfect fit for you is. Keep it basic; avoid anything that is bedazzled or overly distressed. Jeans come in many different washes, so try getting a few different shades for more variety. 

2. T-shirts

A t-shirt is a straightforward item that is available from almost all retailers. You can choose something really pricey or inexpensive to achieve the same look. Selecting muted hues such as white, brown, and black are suitable choices. Be sure to choose a neckline that best accentuates the shape of your body, such as scoop neck, boat neck or V-neck. Another option is a t-shirt with a lettuce edge bottom or a folded sleeve, bringing a little flare to your outfit.

3. Button up shirt

Chambray shirt is a must-have closet staple and will definitely upgrade your wardrobe. You can match this with a skirt, blue jeans or slacks giving you that sophisticated look with minimal effort.

If you aren’t into chambray, a simple cotton button up is a great choice too. This is another way to dress up or go for a more casual look.  

4. Knitwear

Knitwear is necessary at certain times of the year and is definitely a closet staple. Try to stay in the neutral shades. Just try on a variety of styles to see which one fits you the best!  Choose a straightforward sweater that will go with almost anything. Good options include solid shades of gray, navy, black, and cream. Neutral hues are great for mixing and matching, whether you want to dress up or go for a more casual look. Be sure to pick a good solid material for your sweater such as cashmere, or for a less expensive choice go for a knitted material.

5. Black leather boots

A pair of black leather boots would be great for your capsule wardrobe. They are durable and will go with almost anything, and you’ll feel cool wearing them. Dress them up and wear with a floral dress or for a more simple look, wear with a pair of jeans and T-shirt. 

6. Belts

A flashy or simple belt is an ideal way to go. Try selecting a belt that enhances your waist. This is a great way to take your simple dress to the next level. You can also try picking a belt with a buckle to add some fun to your everyday look.

7. Cardigan

A cardigan is a closet staple because it is so versatile. You can throw it on with any outfit to get that chic look. Plus, having a cardigan on hand is great for living in the midwest, as the weather can change at any moment!

8. Scarf

A scarf is a simple item that can make accessorizing fun and plays many roles in your wardrobe! Wear it around your neck, in your hair, or even as a belt! Whichever way you choose, a scarf is a great closet staple to have. 

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